Cute little kitty pictures and videos, plus his reviews on his favorite toys and treats. This was started by his humans and then taken over by Boris himself. Now he iz out to savin da werld one kitteh at a time!

Boris will continue to blog in his own voice as well as tweet. Now that the domain has been taken over by Boris there has been a shift to kitteh speak here as well as the old blogspot blog. We do still have some content here in (mostly) standard English. Although we cannot be held responsible if his personality creeps in from time to time.

Human2 (aka Kelly) works for the company DogToys.com, Inc. which also owns CatToys.com. So you will often see Boris appear on their site hamming it up in poduct photos. We value our link with DogToys.com and CatToys.com as they often help us with our philanthropic endeavors and we cannot thank them enough.

From time to time we do receive products to review and will make every effort to disclose that fact in our blog posts. Boris is, however, extremely spoiled and we do buy most of his toys, treats and other goodies for him.

You can find Boris on the following social media sites (we hope to see you there):