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Jan 162016

Cat Box MatThis is a very nice litter catching mat. It was a good size to cover the area in front and around my box. We have been using a plastic storage box instead of a standard litter box as our cats (the sisfur monsters) tend to scratch and cover like little crazy kitties.

Soft mat still caught the litter but was better on soft paws and bare feet than other mats we have used.

Only draw back was one of the cats (dat would be Piper aka Da Destroyer) felt the need to pee on the mat instead of the box, but the mat was super easy to clean and we are hoping it was just the odd packaging smell and won’t be repeated now that it is clean. She has not repeated it anywhere else so we know she isn’t sick.


I was given this mat for free and/or at a discount for my honest review seen above.

Available at

Jan 082016

cat tunnelOr so we thought. Everyone here loves tunnels. They are great for hiding in, chasing through and pouncing on.

We got this cool three way tunnel to review and well, it started out pretty pawsum but then we all lost interest in it.

The center would collapse and it made chasing and hiding kind of hard and no fun after about a week.

It was also made from a cheap material, which isn’t really too much of an issue cause our kitteh claws will just rip up the materials any who. What was more of a concern for us was reading other reviews where the pointy wires poked out and could hurt a kitty. Up until that point we were going to offer it up to one of the cat rescue’s other foster families, but we don’t think so after reading those. Mind you we did not have this happen to us but we do not want to take a chance on it happening to ANY kitty out there.

The tunnel is available at: and your opinion of it might be higher than ours, that’s okay by us. We hope you enjoy it. We are sticking with our higher quality straight tunnels here.

cat tunnel cat tunnel cat tunnel cat tunnel



Disclaimer: We did receive this product to review and give our honest opinion, which is what you see above. No one told us what to write (have you ever tried to tell a kitty to do ANYTHING). The opinions are my own.

Jan 012016

Vertical ScratcherDifferent cats will scratch differently and this scratcher can accommodate just about any of them. While it is designed to be place vertically on a wall (includes adorable cat shaped self-adhesive hooks), it can also be laid flat or flipped over for a slightly inclined scratcher.

Made of sturdy cardboard that will keep the busy scratch monsters happy for awhile.

Available at:

While I know the sisfur monsters would lub dis and we don’t have to put it on a wall (Human1 won’t let us because it is to close to antiques or might hurt the paint on her walls…even though we have 3M Command strips to help with removal she still said no), so we will donate this to One by One Cat rescue and some very deserving kitteh will get to love it!


Disclaimer: We got this on the cheap (at a discount) for writing up with honest review.


Dec 172015

Human2 got another car seat cover to review. This one has a cool, comfy fleece pad to make your ride a little more snuggly.

These reviews also help benefit our friends at One By One Cat rescue as they will be offered up in their Chinese auctions during the annual BINGO this year. So please bear with me. Fanks.

The review…

This was so easy to install. Simply unclip the straps and put them around the headrests. The rubbery, no-slip surface faces the car seat. Slip the anchors in between the seat backs and the seat and away you go. The fleece cover is a nice added bonus for comfort for your dog and it simply velcros in for easy removal and cleaning.

Using the hammock feature helps protect your dog from falling of the seat and the backs of your front seats too from doggy claws.

Overall this is a very good quality car seat cover. I only gave it 4 stars out of five because I have seen some with a more durable feeling fabric (this one is thinner, but not necessarily worse). The fleece pad also gives added protection to your seat covers.

Pet Car Seat Cover Pet Car Seat Cover Pet Car Seat Cover Pet Car Seat Cover Pet Car Seat Cover

Disclaimer: I was given this product for free or at a discount for my honest opinion.

Get one here:

Dec 172015

Human2 and I LOVE things that glow in the dark. Okay, I only love them because it gives her something to stare at while I am up on her chest in the middle of the night purring in her ear and keeping her awake. MOL

We got a set of cool glowing stars to try out and review.

Here is her review:

These really are the brightest glow stars that I have seen. Comes nicely packaged (when Amazon doesn’t mail it in an envelope and smash the entire thing) with stars, a constellation guide and adhesive putty.

I have used putty like this in the past and it left little oily marks on my paint so I am in the process of finding an alternate solution to apply these to my ceiling & walls.

Starry Night Starry Night Starry Night Starry Night


Disclaimer: I was given this product for free or at a discount for my honest opinion.

You can get them here:


Dec 032015

Check out my pawsum new hang out! Unfortunately it does not come with a mote to keep the monsters out! Here I am claiming this castle as my own!

Cat Trap or Castle?

So once I declared the castle my own I went about helping Human2 set it up. Okay, so maybe I was more in the way than helping, but we got the job done.

Castle 02 Castle  Castle

As soon as the castle was up it was under siege by the monsters!

Castle  Castle  Castle

It is mine all mine and you can no hab it!


Even though we love love loved this castle we are going to be good kitties and gib it to Toys for Tots so sum lucky kiddie can play knight in shining armor and saving the werld and fight of dragons and fings like dat.

You can get your own pawsum castle playhouse here:


Disclaimer. Even though we are raving about this castle it iz because we honestly loving it and not because somebuddy gave it to us (which they did by the way in exchange for this pawsumly honest review see above). Heck everybuddy knows u can’t tell a kitty how to act or wot to sez!

Dec 032015

My scary closetMy humanz always had a hard time finding my treats in the dark, dark closet. Often struggling with the room behind its light or searching with a flashlight.

Now they got this handy dandy little light that comes on when the door is opened and they can find whatever they need right quick now. Very handy when dishing out those kitteh snacks!

It is called a Motion Sensor Light Pro (but the folks on Amazon hab given a big huge name so we will gib you a linky to it):

I heard them saying they were getting another for the upstairs closet too. I better tell the monsters cause I know they like to hide in there some times and now they will be found easily.

Now off to sit in front of the door and pest for some treats. Later!


Disclaimer. Even though we are raving about this light it iz because we honestly loving it and not because somebuddy gave it to us (which they did by the way in exchange for this pawsumly honest review see above). Heck everybuddy knows u can’t tell a kitty how to act or wot to sez!


Nov 262015

LEGO Ice Trays You all should know by now how much me and Human2 love LEGO. So when we had the opportunity to review this set of silicone ice trays we jumped at it. Okay, so these are not official LEGO fings (we already have some of them around here somewhere), but they are still good.

I can make bricks, minifigures and guitars. Guess my nommy minifigs can be rock stars. MOL! Actually, Human2’s brother-in-law is in a band so these may just come in handy someday.

I can make ice, gummy candies, chocolates or even something cool like your own crayons. That is what we are thinking of making after we made all the food stuffs we wanna make. Have to do that ’cause you can never use it for food again if you use the molds to make crayons, plaster or resin casts.

These are perfect for any one that wants to have fun with their food.

You can get your own here:

Disclaimer: I was given this product for free and/or at a discount in exchange for my honest review which you have just read. But as you all should know by now I am a huge fan of LEGO stuff so of course something like this was a no-brainer for me. Thanks for putting up with me and my reviews.



Oct 292015

The BagNot sure why but I fink Human2 iz addicted to bags. Every time herz sees one herz finks herz gotta hab it. Fank goodness we got asked to do a review on dis particular bag and it did not costin her a fing. Dat being sed be sure to read my disclaimer at the end of this here review.

I will hab to say that this here bag is really, really comfy. Granted it was still empty but I found it and I laid on it for hours. Human2 moved it and I found it again and laid on it again. I like to try and get in bags but this one is a little small for my large frame. MOL (sorry herz wasn’t fast enough to catch me with her camera).

H2 likes the bag is has enough room in the large central compartment for her to carry wot ever herz needs. Like her EpiPen, checkbook, glasses, wallet, keys and even a bottle or two of water. There is a zipper pocket in the back that is very convenient for her cell phone.

It is made from a nice, heavy canvas material and feels like it will hold up to most of her abuse and maybe even a little of my own.

The shoulder strap is long enough so herz can wear it cross her body like she do or adjust it to hang over one shoulder (like that will ever happen).

#OXAMensCanvasShoulderMessengerBagBrown #OXAMensCanvasShoulderMessengerBagBrown

The OXA Small Durable Canvas Shoulder Messenger bag is available at

Disclaimer: We got this product for free in exchange for the honest review posted above. Fanks u.

Oct 262015

Poop BagsYes, I wanna talk about poop cause everybody does it. But dogs and kitties rely on humans to clean up our poop whether it is in the house or outside. The poop has to go. That’s why poop bags were invented after all. And said waste bags are a better solution than recycled store bags (which we have found often have holes in them from their initial use of bringing something home from the store. And who wants to walk around the block with a bag of waste with holes in it? Not me!

Waste bags are also really good for cleaning out the cat box too. Even though most disposable waste bags like these come in dog-themed portable carriers. Even so it is a handy way to dispense the bags, scoop the poop and throw it away without tracking litter (or worse) through the house.

So whether you are a dog owner or a slave to a cat you’ll find that these bags are tops.

Easy to refill, easy to dispense and remove waste all in a fun stylish package. Available in four fun colors with matching bone-shaped dispensers and paw print design bags.

We will have more on poop bags in a later post too. So keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to our post updates.


Disclaimer: I was given this product for free and/or at a discount in exchange for my honest review which you have just read.

This review can also be found here: