Dec 032015

Check out my pawsum new hang out! Unfortunately it does not come with a mote to keep the monsters out! Here I am claiming this castle as my own!

Cat Trap or Castle?

So once I declared the castle my own I went about helping Human2 set it up. Okay, so maybe I was more in the way than helping, but we got the job done.

Castle 02 Castle  Castle

As soon as the castle was up it was under siege by the monsters!

Castle  Castle  Castle

It is mine all mine and you can no hab it!


Even though we love love loved this castle we are going to be good kitties and gib it to Toys for Tots so sum lucky kiddie can play knight in shining armor and saving the werld and fight of dragons and fings like dat.

You can get your own pawsum castle playhouse here:


Disclaimer. Even though we are raving about this castle it iz because we honestly loving it and not because somebuddy gave it to us (which they did by the way in exchange for this pawsumly honest review see above). Heck everybuddy knows u can’t tell a kitty how to act or wot to sez!

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