Dec 222012

Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga

Human2 been playing dis game on ipawd. Okai so it not dis game exactly, but it iz Angry Birds Star Wars. I fink herz addicted to it. Wunner iffen I shuld call a doktor fur herz? But I digress…

We gotted dis fun game fur xmas. Yeah I gotted it early wot u gonna do bout dat? Wotz fun about it iz H2 & me can play it wif out H1 or any other humanz cause we not gots no friends wot likes to come play games wif us cause we big slackers.

Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga

It iz easy to set up but since it wuz taking so long to get the game reddy (H2 wuz doin utter fings too *shales hed*) I felled asleeps waitin to play wif ma new game. When all of da sudden dem birds and bricks comed flyin at me!

Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga

I fink I gonna hab fun thwokkin dem Star Wars lookin Angry Birds around so you better be careful Human2 wherez u leave dem.

Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga

I still see sum Stormtrooper Piggies so you did not wins da game yet! Keep tryin, but I am keepin dis Chewie Bird fur ma self.

Dis [amazon_link id=”B008RWVE8A” target=”_blank” ]Angry Birds Star Wars Deathstar Jenga game[/amazon_link] iz kinds fun, but it iz more fur humanz and mehbe smaller humanz at dat. Altho me and H2 did hab fun wif it too.

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  • You and your Mum are awesome. I would come and play iffen I lived in the USA!!

  • that is way cool!

  • Kelly Ann T

    Looks like a fun game for humans. Are you ready for Santa Paws? Artie is not sure what all the excitement is about, but he will figure it out soon.

  • OK so we got Angry Birds – isn’t it fun. I am not a natural gamer but it is so fun and funny. Thanks for the heads up!

  • BorisKitty

    YAY u got sucked into da game too 🙂