Nov 092011

I just finded out from the Humane Society of Berks County dat der is a bill sitting in the state capitol that needs to be passed. It iz da Senate Bill 1329, which is known as Daniel’s Law. It iz called Daniel’s Law because of the little beagle wot went into the gas chamber to die and walked back out affer witnessing hiz pals die all around him. How he survived is beyond me, but now he iz a spokes dog for getting dis bill passed.

It iz horrible to fink dat ANY animal welfare group out there would prefer to use the agonizing deaths of gas chambers in this day and age, but there are! And we need to get this bill passed. PA needs a ban on the use of ALL gas chambers for the euthanasia of unwanted animals.

Problem az I seeds it iz dat our state representatives and senators are just sitting on this bill. So we need da halp of all PA peoples to get out der and write some letters. (You remember how to do dat rite?) So go to the website and find out who your representatives are and put pen to paper. Let them know you will be watching how they vote and that will determine how you vote in the next election. (Since we just had one they will sensitive to their upcoming elections.) Find your legislator at the PA General Assembly’s website. Do it for Daniel. Do it for all the animals who have followed Daniel and did not survive!

I will be writing to both:

Hon. Dante Santoni Jr.
4933 Kutztown Road
Temple, PA 19560
(610) 921-8921
Fax: (610) 921-9369

Hon. Dante Santoni Jr.
317 Irvis Office Building
PO Box 202126
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2126
(717) 783-3290
Fax: (717) 787-7517


Sen. Judith L. Schwank
Senate Box 203011
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3011
Room: 352 Main Capitol
(717) 787-8925
FAX: (717) 772-0578

Sen. Judith L. Schwank
1940 North 13th Street
Suite 232
Reading, PA 19604
(610) 929-2151
FAX: (610) 929-2576


I haz already written to Sen. Andy Dinniman to thank he for halping to spearhead dis bill and for working for the betterments of animal welfare! Sen. Dinniman has more information on wot u can do to help get the Ban on Gas Chambers Bill Passed.

You can read more about Daniel over at and he is currently up for adoption thanks to 11th Hour Rescue!


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