Dec 202012

Look at me I am in space! I fink dat Tie Fighter needs to be got before it escapes from da bed.

Lub Ma Star Wars Sheets

I gotted des really cool Star Wars sheets (on sale fur cheap — gotta lub dat Target clearance aisles). Human2 finks der fur her but I haz claimed dem az ma own, Mawahahah!

Star Wars Sheets

Doz space makes ma butt look fat? Hai wot iz dat monster doin in ma bed? des r ma sheets n herz should no be up here wif me. (I feel a thwokkin comin on).

H2 said OMC dat big cat makes ma bed looks small! I wunner wot herz means by dat?

Star Wars Sheets

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  • pumpkinpuddy

    Now I have the Star Wars theme running through my head. da da da da, da, da da da da, da. da da da da, da. da da da da.

  • Geez, you get cool sheets, and all your humans can do is make wisecracks about your body type! Heh.

  • Boris, you has gone where no kitteh has gone afore. Did you thwock that alien introoder out of your outer space space?

  • BorisKitty

    I sure did. Thwokked it but good and da sisfurs too! MOL

  • BorisKitty

    Ma humanz tooked me to da vet & now I haz to go on a diet. So mehbe da pikshur wuz not fibbin?

  • BorisKitty

    Dunt join da darkside Pumpkin dunt do it!