Feb 042013

monster thowkkin

I tell you, while I do lub ma new sisfurs, sumtimes a cat just gotta gib dem a good thwokkin. Phoebe would be up in ma face 24/7 if I di dnot put her in herz place every once in awhile.

Do u get along wif your fursibs all da time or do u throw lil hissy fits sumtimes too?



Gib me a like

  • The peeps tried to give me a fursib twice and twice I thwarted their efforts by trying to kill said fursib. I like being an only cat and that’s that.

  • Nan Brown

    Kirby doea not always get along with Angel. He wants to play, but he plays too rough and holds her down to bite her neck! THen he gets time out!

  • Binga is always trying to smack me, but generally she misses!

  • Poor Phoebe, I sympathize with her. I always wanted to snuggle up with Sammi, but she wouldn’t have it and she’d thwok me. But I guess Sammi was more like you and and the top kitty, she didn’t always appreciate my closeness.

  • We have lots of cat thwokkin’ that goes on around here! I whine when them cats fuss though.

  • BorisKitty

    I am so glad I am not da only thwokker round here!

  • BorisKitty

    Herz just bugs da heck out of me sumtimes tho…u knows?

  • BorisKitty

    I miss da monsters more often than not too 🙂

  • BorisKitty

    I haz to put da bitey on Phoebe’s necky too sumtimes.

  • BorisKitty

    O to be an only child 🙂

  • My kitties mostly get along all the time. Every now and then 2 of them go at it out of jealousy. But, It’s not too bad. I am glad that everyone loves each other around here.

  • Oh purrr dem sisfurcats do thwocks me all da time!