Jan 162011

I gotted a phone call and I wuz told to expect a visitor so I ran to da door to see who it could. At first I wuz skeered of da visitor wot had turned out to be ma pal @ShawneeShep. Yep dat big doggy did come to see me affer herz hikey today!

I finks herz wuz a little skeered of me too cause herz wouldn’t gets too close at first. (I wuz hissin and growlin too…see ma furs standin on end).

Dat Shawnee did sneaks ovah and eated sum of ma kitteh foods! So Human1 tried to tricks her into gettin closer wif sum of ma foods (but I did not falls for it no way).

Can you believe der iz a doggy dis close to me? Dis iz da biggest doggy I haz ever seed afore.

I sneaked of the sofa and ovah to a perch where I could keep an eye on dat Shawnee.

I still did not qwite trust her so I did move a little further away to watch her frum ma favorite chair.

Silly doggy wuz still der! Dat Shawnee iz BEARY SWEET FUR A DOG! But herz iz still a dog MOL.

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  • blindmaximus

    How cool! It's so neat to see when pals visit each other. Unfortunately I am much more friendly on twitter than in person, so I don't imagine pals will be visiting me anytime soon.

  • Katnip Lounge

    Eeeek! We would NOT have gotten that close, no way no how!

  • Mariodacat

    Oh Boris – you are so lucky to be visited by Shawnee. I'd love to have her pop in here. (I think anyway, but I've never met a big doggie before).

  • Sebastian

    Wow! I don't know what I would do if a doggy visited me. But it's cool that you got piccies together!

  • Wit and Wisdom from Rumpy Dog!

    that's pawsome!

  • Anonymous

    What a special visitor you had,Boris! You were very brave to stay dat close to Shawnee though she was a sweetie wiff u.I lub u both but prolly could not be so kind in purrson


  • Angel and Kirby

    You are very brave to get that close to a doggie!

  • NutmegTorby

    You are VERY BRAVE, Boris. I LOVE YOU!

  • flicka47

    My kittys wouldn't have been as brave as you Boris! Of course, they aren't even half your size!

    But from the looks of the last picture in a few more hours you and Shawnee would have been sharing dinner!

  • Jackie

    Glad that you got closer to Shawnee. How nice that she visited. She looks very friendly & polite.
    Thanks for posting pics of the big event I enjoyed seeing them.

  • Jan’s Funny Farm

    How neat, a visit from Shawnee.

  • tweetypie

    So nice to see pals visiting each ovver hugs

  • Busy Buttons

    I wonder what you'd do, Boris, if I came by to visit. Hrm… I'm a DOGGIE, but a little doggie. Do you like doggies coming to visit who are smaller than you?

    By the way, Mom thought of you and your family last weekend. She saw a big Lego store on her vacation!

  • Bear

    That is SOOOOO great Boris and Shawnee! I would love to visit with anipals! I am sure if you spent more time you would be good friends!

  • Catsparella

    MOL, you were very brave Boris!

  • theresa

    What a great host you are buddy! & Shawnee looks a a well behaved guest (can't promise that Prudence would be so good, even 'tho she shares her home w/ kitties too)!

  • Abigail

    OMC how pawesome is it that you are wiff a yoggy!
    I hissed da entire time I read da post. NO WAY NO HOW, but I do like watching you venture to the canine side. and as fur as doggies go, dat one is super duper cute!

  • Anna the GSD

    You bonded over noms…maybe we should just send some noms over to the Middle East and they can be friends too! Pretty brave…for a kitty! 🙂

  • @JustAnotherTrnd

    DUSTY: What a nice surprise to have Shawnee come visit! HURLEY: Boris, you’re a great host and were brave to meet such a big doggie!