Feb 142013

All day I been on Pinterest showing off kittehs wif heart patterns in der furs. It iz kinda cool and best part iz I finded a coupla pals like Romeo the Cat and Your Daily Cute’s Moo dat hab hearts on dem too. Well I had enuff of dis cuteness and I sez I hab a heart too! Do u seed it?


Ok so ma heart iz a lil lopsided and u haz to squint a lil to see it but I haz one!

So Happy Valentine’s Day to all ma pals. Iffen u missed ma pins today here are a few of our favorite ones.

Source: flickr.com via Boris on Pinterest

Source: lovemeow.com via Boris on Pinterest

Source: pinerly.com via Boris on Pinterest

Source: lh5.ggpht.com via Boris on Pinterest

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