Feb 032013

By now you should all know how much I likes goin outside and nommin on grass & just feelin to fresh airs on ma furs. Well I musta furgots how cold winter can get especially when it be snowin. Human2 wuz outside doing stuff. I knew it wuz sumfin fun and not da horrible hard work of snow shovelin dat herz sed it wuz. So I sneaked out when H1 opened da front door. Since H2 wuz in da back I had transverse da horrible white stuffs on the ground.

I made ma move to go around it, but instead of goin out da nice shoveled walk I decided to go along da house where I spied sum grass stickin out of the white stuffs. Dis wuz not a smart move mind you. I gotta half way ovah to H2 and I got stuck. Der wuz a bush in ma path. It blocked da little bit a cement around da window well and I stood der and meowed at H2 fur halp.

Guess wot herz not only did not halp herz laffed at me! Well I foxed her silly butt! I got ovah da trubble area afore herz could get any pikshurs of me meowin & tippy toeing around da bush (I guess it did look silly but herz coulda halped insted of laffin at me). Wot do u fink? Should herz have halped me or stood der laffin?

Yucky Snow

Rite back der iz where I wuz stuck! But I got thru even wif out H2’s halp.

Yucky Snows

Boy I did furget how much I hate dis white stuffs. Makes da paws cold.


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  • I don’t blame you for not liking snow – it is cold. And made of water. That is two big strikes against it already.

  • pumpkinpuddy

    I’m with you – I hate walking in snow. Mom took me out in it once just to see if I’d like it. Well, I didn’t. It made my paws cold and wet. Yuck. I love watching snow from the warmth and dryness of a windowsill INSIDE the house.

  • BorisKitty

    Der be even MORE white stuff out der now. H2 had to buy me inside grass to keep me happy.

  • BorisKitty

    2 really BIG strikes agin it iffen u ask me 🙂

  • Gromek

    Pfft Boris, dat hooman 2 shoulda halped you!! I hate when mama no halps me, I like her to get mai toys when dem go under da furnitures, and her REQUIRED to catch me iffen I rollin off her lap. REQUIRED!! Anyways you make me think mebbe I should no try goin out in da snow-I been wantin out but mebbe it too icky! Plus da snow here goes up 3 Gromeks high!

  • Dis is what I tink ob dat white stuffs