Mar 182013

World's Best Cat LitterWe got a box of smelly good litter from World’s best Cat Litter to give a try. I used to use World’s Best but for some reason I stopped going in the box. My humanz think it might be time to try it agin. Human2 absolutely loved WBCL. It clumps great, very little dust (unlike wot we are using now *cough*) and the box smells really are reduced. The only draw back wuz da strong corn smell. Den WBCL came out wif da lavender scented litter, but it was too powerful a smell for us & human2 (who never really likes anyfin lavender scented).

So here’s hoping I like da new stuff. Dis new smell iz forest scent.

Me and da monsters all decided to gather round and check it out.


Da monsters thought dey could just use da box it comed in az a litter box. Silly girls. We also wanted to make dis a scratch n sniffs blog post, but H2 told me dat we could no do dat. Pfffft.

So I guess we will just have to smell it for you.

World's Best Cat Litter

So Piper & I stepped up for da first whiffs.

World's Best Cat Litter

Den Phoebe hads to gib it a BIG BIG sniff. Human2 gave it a good smell too and sed it iz a very mild foresty scent dat we should all be able to handle.

World's Best Cat Litter

I gonna gib dis ma meow of approval. We gonna gib it a try in our boxes. H2 haz alreddy started mixing it in wif da utter litter and so far so good. So mehbe we be back in business doin r business in a better fur us n less messy litter.

Disclosure: We were given da litter to review da product, but it haz no impact on wot we fink about sed product (hai we told u rite away we did no like da lavender when it first comed out). I tells it likes it iz.

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