Sep 032013

Feliway sez dey r da secret to happy cats. At least dat iz der tag line. We are mostly happy cats round here (now dat I am used to da monsters livin in ma house), but Phoebe iz a bit of a loner n a bit of a scaredy cat too. So when the Blog Paws Blogger Network wuz lookin fur volunteers to try da Feliway Diffuser we stuck our paws straight up in da air and screamed me me me! Well turns out dey heard us cause we were chosen to be apart of dis bloggy campaign.

We received our product pretty quick once we were chosen (quick delivery is always a good sign — way to go EntirelyPets).

Feliway Trial

Piper wants to know wot we got.

However, da packaging left a lot to be desired. We certainly hope dat EntirelyPets does not send out dis kind of product in a padded envelope on a regular basis. We were lucky and the only thing destroyed in the envelope was the box. The box was smashed so bad that the diffuser and the refill were loose inside the envelope. Like I said, we hopes dis wuz sent to us on the cheap cause we were reviewing dis product fur free and they did not wanna send it in a nice box that would have protected the contents better (shipping costs can be expensive we knows).

No liquid had spilled and the diffuser only had the outlet prongs slightly pushed together. That was easy to fix and no other damage was apparent.


Dis iz da state our package arrived in. Everyfing wuz okay but it looked skeery til we inspected everyfin.

We got excited when we saw that the Feliway box showed a kitteh hiding under covers on it. This is one of da fings dat Phoebe does the most. And we were hopeful that this product wuz gonna halp her wif dat.


Piper iz really inspectin dis beat up product packaging.

Feliway iz a synthetic pheromone similar to cat’s facial pheromone that is released when we kittehs give somefin a good cheek rub. Da pheromone marks dat sumfin az ours n we knows it to be safe n secure. So by usin dis product we hopes to make more of da house safe n secure fur Phoebe.


Phoebe displays da Feliway once we got it put together (ez pz).


Phoebe iz a willin participant and sed let’s get this thing plugged in already! The refill wuz extremely easy to put into the diffuser and all you have to do is plug it into an open outlet. The plugs actually rotate, which is very helpful. We only have sideways outlets where we wanted to use this and the other outlets already had big plugs in them and the unit just would not fit there. So da handy dandy rotating plug iz a major plus.

Feliway Review

In case u could no seed Phoebe in dis pikshur Piper points her out fur u.

Piper points out one of Phoebe’s hiding spots. She also likes to be on a chair that is pushed in under the table, hangs out in tunnels & tents, behind & under the sofa (this one we don’t like cause it iz a recliner sofa). She comes out to rub up on me and play wif sisfur sometimes, but mostly she iz on her chair or under sumfin. We want herz to be a happy cat.

After about two and a half weeks we started to see a little bit of a difference with Phoebe. She seems to be out in the living room with us a little more and has even been playin with Piper a bit more (but I sumtimes fink Piper bullies her a bit n dats why herz hides). I fink we might get anutter refill when dis runs out and see if it continues to improve. We did not expect this to be an over night fix but a slow gradual one. Phoebe is coming out of her shell a bit and it may even be halpin me a lil too. I hab been spotted playin a little more than usual lately too.


Comin out of hidin.




Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of The BlogPaws Pet Bloggers Network for EntirelyPets all thoughts and opinions are our own (however dis disclaimer iz not rs). No kittehs were harmed in da making of dis bloggy post (well mehbe a little thwok).


May 022013

petmd universityDats right dis kitteh be goin to college! MOL. I might not be able to run my own blog (in case u seed a blank version of dis post being tweeted dis week, sawry my bad) but I hab been getting smarter ovah at petMD University. Dey hab some very interesting classes you can take to increase ur knowledge of ur pet. I might even take classes on doggies since I hab some in ma fambly n neighbors wif doggies.

I am doing purrty good on ma kitteh classes (dare u to beats me…MOL) and hope to do well on da doggy classes. The classes are beary easy to take (and fun too) plus dey are beary informative.

You might hab seed my tweets bout my scores and my classes (I likes to shares my smarts).

Iffen you wanna learn more check out da #petMD #BlogPawsChat on Twitter dat will take place May 14th (dat iz just a lil ovah a week away….PUTS IT ON UR CALENDAR). It iz from 8 – 10pm Eastern time.

Da classes is free but believe u me, u gets MUCH more den ur pay fur here. Dis week I learned dat kittehs can get heartworms too. I honestly thought dat wuz just a doggy problem. Fanks petMD fur settin me and ma human straight on dat front!

Next up I will be learnin about fleas (I hate dem bugs!). Wish me lucks and come ovah and join me on petMD University for more lernins.

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Feb 102013

Who Let the Dogs Out*pawses da DVR*

OMC. My twitter pal, Tillman (@TillmanSkates) haz his beary own TV show wot iz in its second season and now on da Hallmark channel called Who Let The Dogs Out. It iz a pawsum show and u shuld all set ur DVRs (cause it is unfortunately in da middle of da day on Fridays….boo Hallmark). But Tillman and all da doggies on da showin doin pawsum tricks iz well worth the DVR time honest.

Dis week dey featured clips from BLOGPAWS. I did miss out on going to BlogPaws last year cause of a fambly emergency (& I wuz just heart broken to learn dat not only would I miss ma pals from previous BlogPaws I would not hab a chance to meet Tillman).

Seeing da show kinda made up for missin da real fing. I got to seed all ma pals right der on ma TV (dis is somefin I don’t even get to do when H2 gets to go to BlogPaws).

We are so looking forward to getting to BlogPaws 2013 where H2 gets to learn new tricks too. It iz a great conference for pet bloggers to learn how to better der bloggies and network wif fellow bloggers. Dis year we gonna try and get us sum guest bloggers here on my bloggy. Wot do you all finks about dat?

I finks BlogPaws 2013 will be da right place to lern how to do just dat!

Back to watchin Tillman!

*unpawses da DVR*



Sep 172012
Do Da Toki Poki

Take a lil Toki wif u wherever u go. Check out da way cool new Pawparazzi set featurin ma pal Toki (of…dem cool folks dat make dem cool trading cards). Human2 gotted to meet da real Toki at BlogPaws but I did not gets to meets her in real lifes. I can no waits to gets ma paws on dis cute lil Toki! Herz comes wif all kinds of cool accessories too.  Here da […read more]

May 032012

A purrson from da Federal Trade Commission had talked to us at BlogPaws last year. And it still made us all scratch our heds. H2 left there finking we used clear disclosure but affer reading dis article we r not so sure any more. New FTC Rules on Writing Reviews, Affiliations, and Sponsored Posts The article clearly spells out wot u need to disclose (I finks it makes it painfully clear that it is now […read more]

Nov 062011
Training Pads Not Just For Dogs

At BlogPaws dis year one of da fings in swag bags wuz doggy training pads from Purina. [amazon_link id=”B0053XX16O” target=”_blank” ]Purina ProCare Ultra Dry Advanced Training Pads[/amazon_link] to be exact. I knows many of you dunt fink of kittehs when you fink of training pads, but they really are a good solution for some of us. I did not go into too much details about Bela crossing da Rainbow Bridge. But az it got closer […read more]

Sep 172011
Spooky Buddies

We had da chance to seed da Disney movie [amazon_link id=”B004YHRZM6″ target=”_blank” ]Spooky Buddies[/amazon_link] at BlogPaws. It comes out on DVD dis Tuesday. Da doggies at BlogPaws really seemed to enjoy da movie as much as the peeples did. It did become an audience pawticipashun screening. MOL Da movie is cute and fits right in wif all da utter Buddies films. Anyone can enjoy dis movie no matter wot ur age or species.  Be sure […read more]

Sep 052011
Cool Way To Halp Your Shelter By Blogging

We just wanted to lets all of you knows about a great opportunity to share your adoption stories (which will raise awareness of pet adoptions) and gib you da chance to win a grant for your favorite rescue. Da nice peoples at Bissell and BlogPaws are running dis cool blog carnival competition to halp raise money for the Petfinder Foundation. Check out more information over at da BlogPaws site and get all da scoop […read more]

Sep 052011
BlogPaws Swag Bag

When u go to BlogPaws u gets dis way cool bag full of swag. No dats not da only reason to go to BlogPaws. U goes to lern how to be a better blogger or lern more bout social media or SEO or just to meets more pet bloggers. Da swag bag iz just a nice perk. Of course when human2 gotted home I had to thoroughly check out da swag (or mehbe it wuz just da […read more]

Aug 172011
Not So Wordless Wordless Wednesday

As many of you knows I send Edgar da Kitty to fings like BlogPaws. Well da last few weeks he been habbin a grand time wif r friend Toki from Dis a pikshure of dem in da race car wot Edgar did gets to drive around in da race. He likes to go FAST! VROOOOOOOM. When u gets to BlogPaws be sure to stoppin by da TokiPoki booth and pick up an Edgar […read more]