Feb 252014
Iffen U Had a WABAC, When & Where Would U Go?

Da fun animated movie Mr. Peabody & Sherman comes out soon and Human2 LUBBED da classic cartoons. So we been halpin promotes da film sum. And in doin so we wundered When & Where would u goes iffen u could travel in time like Mr. Peabody & Sherman doz. Unlike da Doctor Who TARDIS da WABAC only travels on Earth, but since dey travel da world in diferent times it not like HG Wells Time [...read more]

Dec 052013
Silly Human2 Hads a Dream

Early dis mornin I wuz sound a sleep on Human2′s chest when all of da sudden herz rolls on herz side makin me get up n re-situate maself on herz yet again. But dis time herz wuz layin der MOLin. So I reached up n sniffed herz ear n sed “wot up”. H2 told me herz wuz just dreamin dat ma n herz were walkin thru a small town n when we came to a [...read more]

Aug 302013
Star Wars Pet Toys at Petco

In a galaxy far, far away u will seed Boris Kitty thwokkin the crap out of da darkside MOL. OMC I wuz so excited when I first learned dat des pawsum toys n utter pet goodies were coming from PETCO. Den I wuz heartbroken to lerned dey gonna showcase dem at Barkworld cause we could not afford to go (and dis lil kitteh bloggy dozn’t warrant a sponsor fur events like dis….dey all fink cause [...read more]

Aug 262013
Scratcher Tunnel Update: I DO FITS!

OMC unbeknownst to me n human2 I do indeed fits in dat pawsum scratcher tunnel! Havin a big old moose of a cat inside dis tunnel sure did gib it a werk out. We herd it creakin n crackin and I did knock da side blue fings off (but dey were comin off on der own any who…check out original review for more on dat). As u can see by second to last two pikshurs [...read more]

Aug 252013
Review of da Scratcher Tunnel from Petstages

I lubs bein a toy tester and fanks to Human2 werkin for CatToys.com we gets to do it quite often. Never a dull moment round here. MOL Dis week we gotted some of the brand new Scratcher toys from Petstages to try out. First up is da SCRATCHER TUNNEL. By now u shuld knows I LUB TUNNELS! So I really, really wanted to lub dis one. Sadly it wuz not meant to be (fur me [...read more]