Sep 062013
I Haz a Big Empty Sad Hole in Ma Hearts

I hab lost so many of ma goodest pals on Twitter (dat da problem wif us anipals we tend to leave dis werld qwicker den da humanz wot lub us). But dis past week haz been especially hard as two wunnerful pals did both cross dat bridge way before der time due to beary tragic accidents. It iz bad enuff when we leave r humanz when it iz time to go, but to leave dem […read more]

Jun 192013
Our Pal Buttons Needs R Halp

We all lub dat Busy Busy Buttons and herz needs r halp right now. Herz needs to hab herz teefs cleaned and dat big bump on her rump taken care of. You might remember a ways back dat herz sed da vet would not do it cause her liver enzymes were all out of whack (dats herz whacky doggy). Well herz momma spended every last penny herz could takin sweet Buttons to Vet after Vet […read more]

Apr 152013
Lil Bub Ma New Lub

I hab fallen in lub wif Lil BUB. Dis sweet lil girl is so cute and haz faced much hardships (no teef, short-stubby legs, extra toes). Herz iz just a tiny lil cute fing dat wuz lucky enuff to hab a good human finds her, adopts her & lubs her. (and I finks u will fall in lub wif herz too) She haz a website and facebook page (not sure iffen herz iz on Twitter). […read more]

Feb 142013
Valentine's Day Hearts

All day I been on Pinterest showing off kittehs wif heart patterns in der furs. It iz kinda cool and best part iz I finded a coupla pals like Romeo the Cat and Your Daily Cute’s Moo dat hab hearts on dem too. Well I had enuff of dis cuteness and I sez I hab a heart too! Do u seed it? Ok so ma heart iz a lil lopsided and u haz to squint […read more]

Jan 162013
Ellie Mae Needs R Halp

Dis sweet pupper dog wuz rescued by da fine folks at The Buddy Rescue Foundation a few months ago from a “shelter” in  South Carolina where herz wuz a bout to be put down (dis makes r hearts hurt dat so many anipals wot go into shelters never come out — especially in da south). Ellie Mae wuz lucky, but herz still needs r halp. Da human wot had her neglected her & now herz […read more]

Dec 282012
Ma Pal Cosmo Haz Leaved Us

It haz been a horrible howliday fur us. First we lost ma Pal Frugal, den Human1’s cousin did pass on the 24th and I come back to lern dat ma sweet fluffy furrend Cosmo haz also crossed da rainbow bridge. Cosmo wuz one of ma firstest pals on Twitter & we did hab fun at pawties (he wuz a dancing fool)! Himz danced in real lifes too! Human2 gotted to meet he fur reals at […read more]

Dec 192012
Ma Pal Frugal Dougal

Today I would likes to honor ma pal Frugal Dougal who did leave dis world a much better place just fur habbin been in it. We learned last nite dat sweet Dougal would be makin da trip ovah da rainbow bridge and I sat wif Human2 and cried wif herz while we thought about how much dat little doggy across da ocean did mean to us. We neber got to meet he in real life […read more]

Sep 132011
And Den Der Wuz One

My sweet sisfur Bela did go across da rainbow bridge today to be wif dem utter sisfurs, Picasso and Abby.  We will missing her so beary much. I iz da last of da original gang here (dat why I sez der only one — kinda like Highlander or Buffy der can be only one — boy kittehs dat iz). We will be making da foster monsters official fambly members soon…after r sadness goes away a […read more]