Aug 182013

Dis year we did not sponsor a basket (but watch out next year we gonna askin u to halp us halp dem just like we did last year), but we still went and played BINGO. Even tho da humanz nor Edgar gotted to yell BINGO dis year dey still had a pawsum time. Dey were told dat da BINGO wuz a big success and dat all good cause it all goes to halping out da kittehs in da shelter.

1 x 1 BINGO

Edgar droppin off da nommy soft pretzels we donated for event. Note to self buy more for next year!

1 x 1 BINGO

Edgar being bad n dippin paw into da till (he sed it fur da kittehs rite? he a kitteh!

1 x 1 BINGO

Dem cuppycakes r too cute to eats. Almost az cute az da BK cuppycake Blind Maximus made of me!

1 x 1 BINGO

Edgar makin new friends

1 x 1 BINGO

gettin cozy

1 x 1 BINGO


1 x 1 BINGO

Peanuts Momma and her rescuers. Hman2 in middle n Sherry da foster momma. Just missin Mary wot found her in trash in her alley.

More about Peanut here:

Nov 302012

Toys for Tots

Okai we still hab more givin to do! Here iz Edgar back at Toys R Us for a nutter Toys for Tots drop off of a big bag of Webkinz n plush toys for all da girls & boys.

(U should hab seen da GROUCHY look a lady in line for makin a return gave H2 when herz went in da store carryin a big TRU bag & asked to be get thru at the counter (did not want to walk thru store wif big bag o toys so needed to use short cut). Lady musta thought herz wuz buttin in line but did not change her expresshun when H2 sed Toys for Tots. Pffffft to herz. Bet dat lady not even gonna donates a lil toy either. Grouchy hed.

Anywho even wif grouchiness all around us, dropping off dem toys makes us feel all good and warm and fuzzy inside.

Wot has u donated dis year?

Toys for Tots

Dats r big bag of webbykinz fillin up da donashun box agin in dat TRU bag wot made dat lady mad at us. MOL

Nov 302012


Here is Edgar werking hard to box up gift bags of Webkinz & utter plushies for to send off to the kids at the Open Door Mission in Nebraska.

We heard about da kids der dat needs to have a happy Christmas too. So we were beary happy to send off a box of toys for der Project Santa too!

Dat Edgar been werkin real hard on donations dis year! He did dis affer making a bunch of boxes to sends out to animal shelters and rescues too. Dat’s right we have not forgotted about our anipal friends wot need to have a good xmas too.

Nov 282012
Edgar Halps Wif Toys for Tots Donation Part 2

Ensign Edgar daKitty (he just had to go in his Star Trek uniform) wented wif Human2 to 1up Collectibles (r favorite comic book shop) and dropped off a nutter donation to Toys fur Tots. Dis time it wuz a Buttons-Opoly game Shih Tzu Opoly actually. I fink any kid dat lubs doggies will ub habbin dis game. But dis iz not hiz last stop. No sir. Edgar haz more donations for to gib dem kiddies. […read more]

Nov 272012
Pink Poodle Project or Toys for Tots Part 1

We fink all kids should hab a good Christmas (even if az a child H2 hated Clasuerman). Dat why we always gib sumfin to Toys for Tots. Sum years we can gib more den utter and dis year iz a beary abundant year, because we were gived tons of Webkins from a store closing buy out and were den donated to us by We calling Part 1 of our Toys for Tots journey da […read more]

Oct 292012

I was working in the lab late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For my monster from his slab began to rise And suddenly to my surprise He did the mash He did the monster mash The monster mash It was a graveyard smash He did the mash It caught on in a flash He did the mash He did the monster mash From my laboratory in the castle east To the […read more]

Sep 192012
Buy Buck Rogers n Halp Edgar Halp Kittehs!

Edgar is out halp kittehs all ovah da werld. You knows he a travelling fool. Well dis summer he hung out wif Erin Gray (a super duper nice lady) and had his picture took wif her. Iffen u buy dis Buck Rogers tape you will halp him halp da kitteh cause a portion of dis auction will go to da Blind Cat Rescue. Also we will send u a print of Erin Gray snugglin wif […read more]

Aug 272012
Buildin a LEGO Haunted Castle iz Hard Werk

Playin wif LEGO toys might looks like fun. But believe u me it iz hard werks. All da thwokkin and nommin of lil plastic bits can wear a kitteh out.  Seems like Edgar iz da only one dat keeps on smilin even affer hours of playin. But dat understandable cause it iz monsters affer all and who doz no like monsters? We can’t wait until next week when we go and get da big Haunted […read more]