Apr 072014

Lauren Holly wif EdgarLast year at SCIFIpawty we started our first every virtual autograph room for our virtual science fiction convention, aka SCIFIpawty. Da auctions brought in quite a bit of extra moneys above and beyond da regular donations for our charity, One by One Cat Rescue.

And dis year is gearing up to be even betterer den last year. (Last year we had signed Go-go’s cds, autographed photos from Adrienne Barbeau and Hobbit posters signed at the New Zealand world movie premiere all donated from the stars and our pals online. Ma human even dipped into herz personal autograph collection to offer up some great signed photos too!)

This year we have some more items donated from famous TV and movie stars like Adrienne Barbeau, Jane Wiedlin, Holly Marie Combs, Gina Torres and Lauren Holly! We got the items from Holly Marie Combs, Gina Torres and Lauren Holly all signed in person at the Philadelphia Comic Con. These great ladies are beary pawsum for halpin out our lil charity event!

Sara Richard wif EdgarWe also got so very neat artist prints from da super sweet Sara Richard. You are gonna wanna bid on herz stuff seriously cool art.

Once again Human2 digged deep into the recesses of herz autographs collection to offer up some beary pawsum Star Trek, Babylon 5, Crusade, Firefly, Cleopatra 2525, Hercules, Xena, comics and so much more! We hope to push our donations dis year well above the $2500 goal!


 Sara Richard Lauren Holly Holly Marie Combs

 We gots autographs from William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Gates McFadden, Robert Picardo, James Darren and loads more! Hurry a few items have already sold and all unsold auctions will be relisted!


Mar 032014

SCIFIPAWTY5th Annual ScifiPawty fun come in costume, we are raising moneys fur charity, pawsum pwizes, trivia & more. Once again this year’s event iz in honor of da foster monsters Tippy & Drizzle, who lost their battles with FIP. These precious kitties came to live wif us from One By One and brought so much joy into our lives for the short time they were with us. We miss you! All party donations will benefit One By One Cat Rescue.

We are proud to be in cahoots wif NIPCLUB on dis years event! Dis allows us to hab 24 hours of SCIFIpawty pawsumness! So gets ur costumes reddy (yep we gonna hab a nutter costume contesty) SCIFIpawty will be here afore you knows it! 

DATE: April 12 to April 13, 2014

TIME: 2pm EDT to 2pm EDT

RSVP for the party and you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a great prize (to be announced later).

RSVP HERE: http://twtvite.com/scifipawty2014

PLEASE DONATE at: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/human2/5th-annual-scifipawty



Nov 022013

buddy rescues jackWe wanna fanks Da Buddy Rescue fur halping us halp Jack get a new fambly wot would take good care of he even iffen hims wuz special needs, To fanks dem we r tryin to halp dem raise funds to continue to halp wif Jack’s expenses fur da fambly wot adopted he.

DONATE MONEYS HEREhttp://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/jack-needs-treatment-of-sensitive-skin-issues-/96524  short url: http://tinyurl.com/jackspawty

To bring awareness of der halp n need we habbin a pawty tonites hashtag #JACKSPAWTY. Please join us!

You can win one of des great pwizes BIG fanks u to DogToys.com, CatToys,com, @WHSKR, @petsarefound, @danapixie  and human2 fur donating tonites pwizes.




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Jun 192013
Our Pal Buttons Needs R Halp

We all lub dat Busy Busy Buttons and herz needs r halp right now. Herz needs to hab herz teefs cleaned and dat big bump on her rump taken care of. You might remember a ways back dat herz sed da vet would not do it cause her liver enzymes were all out of whack (dats herz whacky doggy). Well herz momma spended every last penny herz could takin sweet Buttons to Vet after Vet […read more]

Mar 182013
SCIFIpawty iz dis Caturday & Autograph Room Be Open

Well some of u might of alreddy seed dis pikshur (sawry it so blurry but i wuz too excited & fightin wif Human2 about takin ma pikshur). Last Caturday ma mailman shoved a big envelope thru ma mail slot. I ran to the door qwik cause I wuz hopin it wuz des pikshurs & yet I wuz hopin it not da pikshurs cause da jerk shoved dem thru ma mail slot! Well we ripped da […read more]

Apr 282011

I gotted a beary nice letter from da folks at One By One Cat Rescue da utter day and I wanted to shares it wif all ma pals wot comed to SCIFIpawty and wot donated money, pwizes and der time. Fanks to u we were able to makes dem kittehs lives betterer. Boris Kitty & Kelly too, Thanks to all your hard work and love for the cats, One By One received a check from […read more]

Mar 252011
SCIFIpawty Contest: Win a Bissell SpotBot Pet

Win a SpotBot Pet from Bissell & SCIFIpawty Handsfree spot & stain cleaner Preset cleaning cycles remove both surface & tough set in stains Deep Reach™ Technology releases solution & water deep into the carpet to clean from the bottom up Removes up to 99% of odor causing bacteria when used with Pet Stain & Odor formula and water How to enter: Simply answer the question in the comments below and you are entered into our […read more]

Mar 092011
Gearing Up For SCIFIpawty 2011

We are gearin up for SCIFIpawty wot iz sneaking up on us real fast! SCIFIpawty iz bein merged wif da official PawPawty dis year so instead of our lil one day pawty it iz now 24 hours of sci-fi fun!!! But dat means we needs more halp den ever afore. Please consider volunteering for Sekurity, DJing, Barktending or Quizzes. We also still need sum prizes (although we haz a ton of really great ones) — […read more]

Jan 212011
Gearing Up For SCIFIpawty 2011

The big announcement today is that the date for SCIFIpawty has been set. It will be March 26, 2011. Mark your calendars now. The invitation is online at: http://twtvite.com/scifipawty2011 Updates and info about SCIFIpawty: http://www.boriskitty.com/scifipawty/ The costume contest is on again this year (you can use last year’s costumes but the winners from 2010 will need to come up with something new to be included). More info and deadline coming soon (keep and eye on […read more]

Nov 142010
Let's Put da Bitey on Da Bills

U knows I’m tryin to halp out Peanut and herz human wif da vet bills. Many of u haz alreddy donated and I fanks u all. I wanna meets ma goal & gib dem a great fanks gibbin dis year. Peanut wuz shot by an evil human wot not care fur anipal lifes. I habbing a small pawty on Twitter wif ma anipal furends to raising money for to halp dat Peanut wif dem bills. […read more]