Mar 232017
Cat Lady Box Donated by @catladybox & @cgibson1st #SCIFIpawty

Our pal reached out to our other pals Cat Lady Box to see about ordering a single month’s box as a donation to #SCIFIpawty. They promptly replied that they would be happy to donate said box for her! HOW PAWSUM IS THAT! Wot iz Cat Lady Box you ask? It is the pawsumest mystery box […reads more]

Mar 222017

My pal Loki and his primate Sagan did a pawsum video today for SCIFIpawty. They will be donating the monies from their books and t-shirts and stuff to One By One Cat Rescue (the SCIFIpawty charity). Check out the video below then head over to their stores and buy sumfin for yourself or a furrend. […reads more]

Mar 202017
Books from @nostarch for #SCIFIpawty Events

No Starch Press has been good to SCIFIpawty in the past and this year is no exception. They have donated several high quality books for use with our #SCIFIpawty events (auctions/pawty/IRL events) and we would like you all to say thank by following them on Twitter/Facebook and buying their books (personally we already own most […reads more]

Mar 062017
New For #SCIFIPawty 2017 Donate on Site

This year you can donate directly on the One by One web store (they were unable to use the store to sell products because of tax collection etc). But they can take donations and sell their event tickets (this has been a big help for them with tickets). Plus if you pay thur their site […reads more]

Oct 222015
Houston We Have A Problem! Help Save This Kitty

WE ARE TOO LATE THIS SWEET KITTY HAS BEEN TURNED OVER TO A KILL SHELTER. My heart is breaking. There is still a chance we can save her! One By One is trying to pull her from the shelter. My furrend had a very pregnant lil black kitty show up on her doorstep about 11 weeks […reads more]

Sep 172015
38th Annual Walk for Da Animals Coming Up

Caturday da 19th iz da 38th Annual Walky for da Animals and Im sending Human2 out once again to halp raising moneys for anipals. Dis iz a huge event raising money for a huge non-profit in our area, but dis year we are going to asking you not to donates to HSBC but rather to […reads more]