Sep 152014
We're Walking to Help Animals & U Could Win Sumfin Too!

Holy Cat Batman dis will be our sixth year walking fur da animals in a da annual event held by da Humane Society of Berks County (one of our favorite local charities dat doz pawsum werk halpin da animals where I lives). So to halp launch our annual fundraising campaign here online I was gonna hab a mini #SCIFIpawty, but my being sicky and habbin surgery has kinda pushed every fing off fur a bit. [ more]

Jul 282014
Scavenger Hunt to Benefit Charity

I wanted to do sumfin fun dat will halp da kitties and kiddies in my area so I decided to do a scavenger hunt and many of the items will be donated to ma local charitable organizations. Many years ago ma humanz participated in a scavenger hunt for a magazine and dey had so much funs doin it dat even tho dey did not win da pwize it still one of da funnest fings dey [ more]

Jun 042014
Lost Maltese Dog Named Casper in Reading, PA

Update 6/5/2014 Casper Has Been FOUND! Casper was last seen last night (6/3/2014) around 6pm at Union and Oliver Streets in Northeast Reading. He is a sweet little guy but may not come when called. Stranger shy. He slipped out of the fenced in yard at his pet sitter’s house and is not wearing tags. Please keep your eyes out for him. Please share with everyone. We have to get the word out and halp [ more]

Mar 032014
5th Annual SCIFIpawty iz Comin  (can u believe it haz been 5 years of #SCIFIpawty)

5th Annual ScifiPawty fun come in costume, we are raising moneys fur charity, pawsum pwizes, trivia & more. Once again this year’s event iz in honor of da foster monsters Tippy & Drizzle, who lost their battles with FIP. These precious kitties came to live wif us from One By One and brought so much joy into our lives for the short time they were with us. We miss you! All party donations will benefit One By One [ more]

Nov 022013
Enter Contest for #JacksPawty Here Plus List of Pawty Pwizes

We wanna fanks Da Buddy Rescue fur halping us halp Jack get a new fambly wot would take good care of he even iffen hims wuz special needs, To fanks dem we r tryin to halp dem raise funds to continue to halp wif Jack’s expenses fur da fambly wot adopted he. DONATE MONEYS HERE:  short url: To bring awareness of der halp n need we habbin a pawty tonites hashtag #JACKSPAWTY. Please join us! [ more]

Oct 292013
Jack Gots Adopted So We Gonna Pawty (To Halp Raise Funds)

Jack the Cocker Spaniel dat we posted about awhile ago got his furever home all wif da halp of the Buddy Rescue Foundation. Buddy Rescue put a lots of time in halpin H2 find an adopter and halpin to cover da vet expenses of habbin Jacks skin problems / allergies tookened care of. Here is Jack’s story: PLZ Halp Me Halp Jack Get a New Home Here is ma post about him gettin adopted: Jack [ more]

Oct 172013
Sweet Lil Kitteh Needs a Furever Home

This cute guy (originally called Boo by da lil girls what halped save him from da streets, but now named Maxwell) needs a furever and ever home! Human2’s bestest pal saved dis lil guy from bein runned ovah on da mean city streets. He was darting cars and wuz nearly hit when she pulled up outside her home in downtown Reading, PA. She scooped him up and wanted desperately to keep him. But her allergies [ more]

Oct 162013
Jack Gots A New Furever Home YAY!

The cocker spaniel, Jack, dat i hab been tryin to get into a rescue or even better adopted had an appointment to interview humans on Sunday.  Human2 picked up Jack from his owners in Mohton, pa and drove him all the way up to Northampton, pa to meet da humans and see da rescue folks dat been halpin us. Jack n H2 got der a lil early and went ahead in and met da folks [ more]

Sep 302013
PLZ Halp Me Halp Jack Get a New Home

Meet Jack. Jack needs a new home. Can u halp me halp him? He iz a sweet, 6 year old cocker spaniel doggy dat desperately needs a new home. Da humanz dat hab he sez dey can no longer affords to taking care of he. He haz allergies and takes meds every day, but he haz never been fully tested and it could simply be his diet (u dunt knows til u get he da [ more]

Sep 072013
Jake's Been Rescued but Still Needs R Halp

Jake was rescued by Buddy Rescue Foundation when dey went to rescue anutter doggy down south (u know dey hab hi kill rates in dem shelters down der). Jake wuz in da cage next to da doggy dey were getting n da peeps just knew dis doggy needed saved too…dey just didn’t knows how much he needed dem until later. I will let de folks at Buddy Rescue Foundation tell you all about it, but [ more]