Aug 182013
One By One Cat Rescue Annual Bingo

Dis year we did not sponsor a basket (but watch out next year we gonna askin u to halp us halp dem just like we did last year), but we still went and played BINGO. Even tho da humanz nor Edgar gotted to yell BINGO dis year dey still had a pawsum time. Dey were told dat da BINGO wuz a big success and dat all good cause it all goes to halping out da [ more]

Mar 182013
SCIFIpawty iz dis Caturday & Autograph Room Be Open

Well some of u might of alreddy seed dis pikshur (sawry it so blurry but i wuz too excited & fightin wif Human2 about takin ma pikshur). Last Caturday ma mailman shoved a big envelope thru ma mail slot. I ran to the door qwik cause I wuz hopin it wuz des pikshurs & yet I wuz hopin it not da pikshurs cause da jerk shoved dem thru ma mail slot! Well we ripped da [ more]

Mar 142013
SCIFIpawty T-shirts Available Now

H2 and I just ordered up our SCIFIpawty shirts. I hopes it arrives before SCIFIpawty so herz can wears it. MOL Herz ordered a pawsum glow-in-da-dark one wif da new Rocket Zoomin’ Round da Paw Planet logo on it. Do u likes ma new logo? Let’s me know. Da new shop iz at Spreadshirt dey do sum pawsum printing (and sum of da shirts gots cool fuzzy printin so u can pet urself MOL). Here [ more]

Feb 272013
Get Ur Collectible SCIFIpawty Trading Cards Now!

OMC. Ma furrends ovah at did ovah do dem selfs once agin. We hab always lubbed der pawsum anipal trading cards (and have tried to collect all our pals) so when dey sed lets make special edishun for SCIFIpawty I wuz jumpin up and down all excited. Here iz wot ma card will look likes. You can seed I am flying in space wif da Millennium Falcon fightin da good fight. But dat Darth [ more]

Jan 222013
Paw It Forward Wot a Pawsum Xmas Surprise

We gotted a late Xmas card from our pals ovah at Citizen Paine (a PR company I fink we werked wif at some point during da year). But it wuzn’t just a card it had a neat origami bird inside da card. And dat bird wuz a folded up $10 bill. Da note inside the card asked dat we paw it forward. My first thought wuz I will just gib it to One By One (which of [ more]

Jan 202013
Peanut iz Happy in Her New Home

OMC remember dat sweet lil Peanut ma pal rescued afore Christmas? Well herz gotted a beary lubbin furever home and her new human haz sended me an update on hers. Peanut is doing great.  A little over 3 months old now and getting big.  She loves her sisters and playing and sleeping in the bathroom sink!  LOL  Our 14 year old has been playing lately, she has brought lots of energy and love to our [ more]

Jan 162013
Ellie Mae Needs R Halp

Dis sweet pupper dog wuz rescued by da fine folks at The Buddy Rescue Foundation a few months ago from a “shelter” in  South Carolina where herz wuz a bout to be put down (dis makes r hearts hurt dat so many anipals wot go into shelters never come out — especially in da south). Ellie Mae wuz lucky, but herz still needs r halp. Da human wot had her neglected her & now herz [ more]

Jan 022013
Peanut Gotted Her Xmouse Wish A New Home!

Remember a few weeks before Catmouse I did tell you about sweet lil Peanut dat ma furrend did rescue out of da alley behind her house? Herz wuz abused & thrown away likes trash, but ma furrend saved herz & took good cares of her until herz wuz old enuff dat we could askin ma pals at One By One Cat rescue to halp her. Dey agreed to take her in to a foster fambly [ more]

Dec 132012
The Pawsum Kibble Drop from & Halo Pet Food

Wowzers! I bet by now you haz herd dat iz donating 500,000 Healthy Holiday Meals of Ellen DeGeneres’ Halo Pet Food to Pets in Need. DAT IZ SO PAWSUM! I fink it wunnerful how we can halp feed dem anipals wif just a click (& a fun click at dat) every day. And to see dat all dem anipals will be getting tons of food makes dis kitteh PURR! Here da infos on da [ more]

Dec 052012
‘Tis Better to Pin than to Receive this Holiday: Pin It for Pets Photos Raise Money to Help Save Homeless Pets

Your heart need not be three sizes too small this holiday season. PetSmart and Fetch for Pets!, creators of The Grinch by Dr. Seuss, a new line of pet holiday apparel and toys at PetSmart this season, are teaming up to help save the lives of homeless pets with “Pin It for Pets.” From Dec. 1-16, pin a picture of your pet showing their holiday spirit with the #pinitforpetsmart hashtag on Pinterest, and PetSmart Charities [ more]