Mar 272013

Forest Scented Cat litterForest Scented Clumping Formula – Made with a blend of 100% natural wood fibers, this clumping formula is ideal for cat owners who prefer a fresh forest scent.

We got some of dis to try and we all (humanz included fink it da best scent from WBCL yet!)

You can enter below to wins sum to try for urselfs too! (just remember u wanna mix it into current litter slowly do no wanna shock ur kittehs wif a brand new litter all at one time!)

Dis contest iz open to US residents only (sawry but it heavy to sendin dis pawsum litter out to utter countries). Each winner (der will be 5 winners) will get 2 6-lb bags of Forest Scented Clumping Formula to give it a good try on ur cats. I bets u will fall in lub wif it.

Da odds r ever in ur favor (guess where dat quote from). So gets ur entries in NOW.

Contest ends April 17th (just could not bring maself to do it on tax day MOL).


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Forest Scented Clumping Formula is different from other wood-based litters because it combines the naturally absorbency of whole-kernel corn with the gentle scent of 100% natural wood fibers. The new formula is planet-friendly because the kiln-dried wood fibers are made of re-purposed tree shavings that might have otherwise gone to waste. Be Among the First To Try This New Product!

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  • I catsit cats who use this and my impression is that it keeps down odor and has none of the dust that clay litters do.

    I would love to try it!

  • Oh Dog! If the litterbox smelled like a forest, I wouldn’t know whether to eat the poop or pee on it!

  • BorisKitty


  • BorisKitty

    ur tellin me. da litterbox dust frum clay litter has all but destroyed H2’s Star Trek collekshun in da basement!

  • Fluffy M

    As an elder kitty (17 + years and going), I’d like to make my humans happy. I’d really like to win! Gotta go, bird at window. YEAH!

  • Probably shouldn’t store memorabilia in the catbox.

  • That’s great! Boris Kitty, I just sent you mailing info on your FB page. I explain why I sent it there. Thanks Hun.

  • BorisKitty


  • BorisKitty

    I told her dat and herz just shooked herz hed!