Okay Da Votey Fingy iz Busted n da one vote per day not werkin out as planned.

Since dis contesty iz turning into a votey / clicky war we gonna run wif dat! Da polling softwarez I am trying ta werk wif iz no guds n I haz lerned ma lessons for my nextest contesty! So dis one iz gonna end on Aug 8th now so we haz a weekend of clicky wars for da winner! Iffen u wanna be dat way have at it and gud lucks to da anipals wif da fastest clicky paws. Mindz u we not held responsibles fur any catpaw tunnel syndromes or injuries to da clickers such az eye strain, crossed eyes or grouchy sore losers! Alzo we gonna rezervin da right to void any votes for any reason we sees fit (but I no fink dis gonna happen -- just meowing case I haz ta).

#0 @ShawneeShep (Shawnee iz just sharing asked not to be in votings)

My 8th Gotcha Day was July 11, 2008. I hads a wild and crazee pawty. We had pupcakes and fwosty paws that were nomilicious. We mades such a mess that mom had to hose the deck off when we was done! I got lots of pwezzies - a birfday cake wot plays the "Happy Birfday To You", a cell phone wot rings, a flappy wif crinklies that I likes, a duckie wot quacks and cookies and treats. Then I went to adopshun day with my mom and taked pupcakes and fwosty paws to share with all the doggies wot has no homes and I telled them pretty soon they would has their very own Gotcha Days! Then at night I went to the Surfin' Safari #PawPawty where DJ @CosmoHavanese played my fave for me - Paul McCartney/The Beetles Birfday Song! It was a pawsome day!

#1 - @ZachRabbit

Even stuffed bunny haz some bunny to luv dem! Zachary enjoying some birthday cake.

#2 @catbirddog aka: Roxy & KC

We are twins (can hardly tell us apart MOL!). We were born on 7/30/2007 and are turning 2 years old on Thursday. We having a BIG sellabracioun. Since we already have 2 brofur cats, Sam and Nermal, 1 sisfur cat, Tig-er-ra, brofur dog, Bear, sissy cockatoo, Squawk and visiting cuzin pups, Cody and Mandy, we have a party in the making. Plans to have special tuna fur cats and bones fur pups. Squawk will keep the tunes flowing. We'll be dancing and singin ALL DAY!! Hope you enjoyed your day as much as we will enjoy ours >^..^< Momma, will have her hands full that day!! PARTY HARDY - dats the motto of da day!!

#3 @PerryBirman

Perry says: fur mai birdai i wud jus wans to chill wid niz meowgarita, mebbe hav all mai frends ovar 2 pawty....woohoo!!

#4 @Monkey_Cat

Monkey Cat says: Sis and I just wants to wish our human momma a very Happy Purthday! Yous are the cats meow and we luvs you!

#5 The Island Cats - Wally

My birthday is June 16. This is a picture of me celebrating my birthday. You can see that I'm not too thrilled with the party hat. I celebrated my special day with some stinky goodness...mom even put candles in it for me to blow out...but cats can't blow out candles! Sheesh!!! I also got lots of treats and head scritches and a new plague ratsie!!

#6 The Island Cats - Zoey

I'm not sure when my birthday is exactly, but the lady with the yellow hair told me that it's probably around July 1. So we celebrate on that day. Here's me in my party hat. I'm not real happy about it as you can see! I celebrated with some stinky goodness and treats and I got lots of pets and head scritches and some new toys! What a fun time!

#7 The Island Cats - Ernie

I'm not sure when my birthday is either, but mom sez it's around the middle of July so we celebrate on July 20 (that's the date we picked!). As you can see, I celebrated my birthday by not having to wear that stupid party hat and trying to find ways to get rid of it (putting it in the human litter box did the trick!)!!! (more on da island cats)

#8 Sam Sun Taylor

Gotcha Day: 7/3/04 I LOVE catnip! Mommy got us catnip bananas and we all had a great time! I ended up completely “nipped out” as you can tell from the photo! http://taylorcatsssss.blogspot.com/

#9 @BrewskieButt aka: The Brew!

We celebrate my birthday on April 1, but we don't know the exact date. Mom picked April 1 because the V-E-T thinks it was sometime in April, and because she says I am such a fool. This year we celebrated my day with the first really full swing #pawpawty on Twitter that had anipals pawtying all over the world. It was so popular, it was a Twitter top trend for almost 24 hours!

#10 Sam the Cat

My honorary birthday is November 11th (that's the day my humans adopted me from their neighbors upstairs) and I was born in 1994. My humans love to celebrate my birthday - they give me chicken and a vanilla cupcake and whipped cream - all of my fave things. They celebrate me on their birthdays, too! Here I am, celebrating with Detroit Pistons bobbleheads. Why not?

#11 Daisy the Curly Cat

Here is one of my birthday photos. It is from when I turned 3. It was a real good birthday. I got to wear this real cute sweater and a birthday girl ribbon. Birthdays are fun!

#12 The Creeks Cats - Ferris

My name is Ferris and my date of birth is April 13, 2006. I have been saving my allowance, checking the couch cushions, the washing machine, the man servant's pants and just plain stealing coins from the change jar. I've also been playing the lottery with the hopes of winning to help me properly celebrate my purrthday next year. Why do I need money you ask??? I want to hire Van Halen to play at my big bash and so we can all dance the night away! -- Dance, dance, dance the night away!

#13 @HotMBC House of the Mostly Black Cats Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree & Pepi

All 5 of us at @HotMBC shares my guesstimated purrthday (me, Sanjee) cuz we's all reskews n I was da only one reskewed as a baby kitten so's Mommy could guess what day I was borned. (I fink they's too lazee to cellybrate 5 purrthdays MOL!) We always cellybrates wif foods n toys from Mommy n Grandma n we all gets all we wants too eet, efun Mini da piggy sisfur. One yeer we efun gotted speshul plates n stuffs too. But Mommy was nice n didn't make us ware no hats. Yay! http://catsnmom.blogspot.com

#14 KritterKommunity - Madi

A little too much pawtying!

#15 KritterKommunity - Abi

Looks like Abi behaved herz self!

#16 Xanthe

My Birthday is 21st May 2009. When I have my 1st Birthday I'm going to celebrate wit my sister, Nishiko! We're going to play lots and eat lots! I'm going to ask Mummy and Daddy for new toys and a special meal like a whole tin of tuna or a whole breast of chicken all too myself! Yummy! I purrfer chicken!

#17 Brian Frum

Birthday: May 20, 2007 I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be having birthday parties, let alone lots of presents. You see, I was born at a Christmas tree farm and was rescued by some very nice ladies at Kitten Action Team (KAT). I was the last of my group to get adopted and I had to wait 8 months to find my home. So, imagine my surprise when my birthday came and someone actually remembered. The next year the party got better, and then this year for my 3rd birthday all I can say is WOW! We had the best party ever and the presents kept coming and coming. Even a nice lady that my Dad works with sent me a nice red & white bag of presents. And oh yes, I loved the bag too. It was party time for sure and the new toys went flying everywhere. I love parties, and my very special family.

#18 Fuz of Macandfuzcat

Her gotcha day is Dec. 26. She likes toys in bags, sometimes the bag more than the toys as in this picture. Almost got a picture of her head totally inside the bag.

#19 @MizzBassie (Bassie)

gotcha day: 2 Aug 2004 2nd life BD: 3 Aug 2004 (That's when I got started on my second life) My gotcha day is before my 2nd life birthday because I had the operation that saved my life a day after mommy brought me to the Animal Hospital. We don't do anything extra special for my 2nd life birthday because when you're on your 2nd life, and have a loving family, every day is special. On that special day, mommy reminisces about how she waited all morning for the vet to call and how worried she was I wouldn't survive the surgery and how happy she was to learn that I HAD survived!

She might give me extra treats (greenies or freeze-dried tuna or cod) and, of course, a toy freshly filled with catnip. We might spend extra time in the garden or on a walk down the street or playing with my fishing-pole toy. Later I might get furminated and then brushed with my favorite rubber brush. In the evening, when I'm very tired, I get to sleep in my favorite spot, in the closet next to the dirty laundry bag. Life is good!

#20 @PimpTheCat

I was born on July 4, 1998. Whenever it's my birthday, my mom always gets me lots of presents! She always wraps them and I get to unwrap them -- which is lots of fun, and then sometimes the wrapping paper after is more fun than the toy she bought me (but don't tell her that, MOL). My present is always the same because I am a Pimp, and I know what I like... My favoritest toys are those little furry mice with the leather tails -- the first thing I do when I get a new one is EAT the tail! MOL! None of my mousies have any tails anymore! I also get lots of treats and tuna on my birthday. And one time, mom even baked me homemade tuna cookies!! Can you imagine how nomilicious those were?! Hopefully she'll make me some more for my next birthday. (Mom, you hear that?)

#21 Cokie the Cat

For my birthday every year, we get a big tree - a real one - and mom decorates it with hundreds of shiny and beautiful cat toys. She also puts pretty tiny colored lights on it. Then we play a game called paper and ribbon where mom pretends she doesn't want me to roll all over the paper and play with the ribbon .The whole time we listen to songs called Christmas carols. I don't know why, but she likes to sing those kind of songs getting ready for my birthday.

Everybody gets presents for my birthday. The last two years mom has gone to Austin Texas for my birthday, because her little nephew's birthday is on New Year's Day. It just works out like that. So she hides presents all over the house for me and Wynnie and HIM, and HE gets them out and gives them to us on my birthday eve and on my birthday. We get a whole can of food and I usually get ashrimp. In the first week of January she comes home and it's like my birthday all over again cause we're all so happy to see each other! I love birthdays!

#22 Velvet (aka Lord Fatty)

The photo of my bday/gotcha day was last year's when i was first welcomed into da family. Im a Russian Blue mixed tabby which my human saved from a box in a playground. I didnt wanna leave that box cos it had my brothers and sisters innit but my human had to give them away to other humans but she kept me. I still cried and wants the box very badly, though it's wet & smelly & very dirty, it is the only home i know. So my human took me into her arms and drove me home in her metal horsey (car). She brought me in and gave me a new boxey, it's smaller and smells like clean trees. I was happy and stayed in that boxey all day. My human bottle-fed me milk that tasted much like mom's and gave me a warm blankey to cuddle up with inside my new boxey. That was the moment i truly felt and known how 'home' feels like. This year i had an even awesomer partay with catnip cake, but last year was a more memorable bday. Cos that was when i found my real home.

#23 Sid aka: @sidthecatahoula

I will have my first "gotcha day" in less than a month and I'm really excited about it. Before Lisa and Matt adopted me I lived in a cornfield and didn't have anyone who cared enough to feed me, let alone throw me a party. I really want to celebrate the wonderful life and friends I now have. So, here's what I'm going to do! I am going to get up in the morning, go to the dog field and do my favorite thing, playing ball! Then I will come back to the house, get a special breakfast and spend time with Lisa and Matt. Lisa will tell me the story of how she found me and how I came to be with them. I will have a special snack in honor of Otis, my dog-brother who he died in May. We will write Sara, the nice woman who fostered me and let her know what her help meant to us. We will give a donation to the Chicago Canine Rescue, the group that took me out of the kill shelter and helped to find me a home! I realize all that sounds very serious and not like a party, but it will be fun!

After that, we will definitely get much sillier! I hope to have a little pawpawty with my twitter friends. I have met many great anipals and want to share some fun with them. Maybe I will give presents! I'm not sure yet. I do know that I will need to come up with a good drink menu and decide what types of snacks to serve! At some point, I am pretty sure Lisa will take me shopping and let me pick out a bunch of stuff I don't need but think is super-cool! I will get things to eat, things that squeak and things that are totally mysterious, probably useless but look really neat at first. I love to eat so when Matt gets home from work we'll have a special Sid dinner! I'm still planning the menu but I think it needs to involve meat and cheese. I rarely get people food so this is BIG! Maybe there will be French Fries! Or a cake! I'm sure Matt will take photos and films of me acting crazy and we will laugh really hard about it. I will get lots of kisses and people and friends will tell me they love me and I will do the same and feel like the luckiest dog in the world!

#24 Shadow my FULL name is "Shadow, The Handsomest Boy In The World."

My brother and I are two rescue kitties from the Seattle Animal Shelter. Our "Gotcha" Day was December 4, 1998, when we were 7 weeks old. We were from a rare winter litter of kittens; our two sisters were adopted by someone else. We share the house with Lucy the Lab (very chatty lab on twitter) & our mom.

Lucy's birthday is October 7 & mom figures we were born around the same day (different year; we are 3 years older). We celebrate our special day by: Mom trying to give us various treats & us turning our back on them & giving her a withering look. We're cool with extra servings of our regular food (Innova Seniors) however. Unlike what Lucy blabbed on Twitter, I, Shadow, am not "tubby" - I just have big fur.

The dog Lucy either gets a little cake or a trip to Dick's Drive In for a cheeseburger & fries. She also wears a stupid birthday hat which, we, as cats, would NEVER be caught dead in.

#25 Slinky

Shadow's "twin" brutter! See shadows story above fur more!

#26 Lucy

See #24 Shadow for Lucy's full b-day story!

#27 Dunkin The Cat

Born: July 7, 2008 Adopted: Sept. 5, 2008 (Shelter kitty) I started my morning jumping on momma's & daddy's bed. I wanted them to wake up so I could start the celebrations. Momma always gets up before daddy and makes daddy and I something to eat. She started my morning with Milk! I got a yummy bowl of milk while she made daddy's toast and tea.

She sang ''Happy Birthday'' to me - Don't let momma know, but she can't sing - she sounds like an alley cat sitting on a fence....but, I still gave her a head tap to show her that I appreciated it and to make her stop singing. (my poor ears) Daddy got up shortly after and gave me my morning belly rubs and sang happy birthday too. At least he can carry a tune.

Momma put a party hat on me, which I loved. I think it makes me look grown up. I knew that there were presents in this house cause I saw momma come home yesterday with a Pet Smart bag so I knew I had a surprise coming but nothing yet. I began to snoop around the house to see what I could find.

Finally, it was party time. Momma gave me a special meal with a candle in it and then I got my pressies! I am one spoiled kitty cat! I got springs, light up ball, catnip mouse & teddy bear, Bat & bobble toy (which I love) and yummy treats. I got to lick the Pet Smart bags too, which was the best.

Also, In honor of my birthday momma bought another DUCKIE - not for me silly, but to donate to a cat that does not have one. Momma came up with a great idea to have a birthday contest to win the duckie. All you had to do was send in your name. Once I received all the names, I picked the winner out of my birthday hat. The winner of my birthday duckie was MuffinandBean! Yay, they have a duckie now.

It was so great that someone else also got a present on my birthday. I had such a pawesome first birthday. I was so tired the next day that I just slept all day long. I'm so happy to finally be a Man-Cat.

#28 Crystal

My human, Jan, named me Crystal even though I'm a boy kitty because she said I am as handsome as crystal glassware is beautiful. My furry siblings think I should enter your contest. You see, I turned 11 years old on June 1st and I don't know how many days ... I mean years ... I have left, and I've never had a birthday party. That never bothered me before. I have an endless supply of crunchies, a roof over my old head, a warm bed in winter, a big family to keep me company, and a human who scoops my poop. What more could a kitty want?

Well, I hate to admit it, but before I go, I dream of having a birthday party where we all wear a silly hat, agile mice deliver my cake, balloons float freely, a huge table bends under the weight of food and beverages, and all the furries attending get a present -- not just me. So I think I'm going to start checking the couch for loose change so next year I can afford to invite all my friends and family to a big birthday party.

#29 Loki

Sadly, I never had a birthday party, and I don’t know how old am. Also, I don’t even know the day of my birth. So, I don’t know what day to celebrate my birthday on, and I don’t know how many candles to put on my cake. But, if I did have a birthday party, it would go like this:

  • First, I’d invite all my kitteh friends over to my house. Presents are optional.
  • Then, I’d ask Nanny to make me a cake in the shape of a giant mouse. Because kittehs don’t like the taste of cake, she will have to make it with real mice.
  • The cake served with ice cream.
  • After we’ve finished our ice cream and cake, we’ll sit around the table making fun of dogs.
  • Once we’ve digested our food and run out of dog jokes, we’ll go out to the back yard, where Nanny has set up a piñata in the shape of a dog.
  • One of the kittehs will be blindfolded (have you ever tried to blindfold a kitteh?), and he will be given a stick.
  • When he manages to smash it open, the guests will be delighted to find that the piñata has been filled with small, flightless birds.
  • After this second, feathery meal, we’ll all go back inside and retire to the living room. There, we’ll all take our seats and pass around the catnip.
  • Once we get nice and mellow, we’ll start spilling our deepest secrets. I heard that the last time Mittens from across the street did catnip with other kittehs, she admitted that she tore up her owner’s curtains and then blamed the dog. Fluffy from the other side of town admitted to having a “healthy, life-giving friendship” with a mouse instead of eating it. Weird stuff comes out once the catnip goes in!
  • When the party ends, everybody is still whacked out on catnip, so I let them all sleep over. Too many horrible accidents have been caused by kittehs driving home from catnip parties.

#30 Katie Ann Kitty Too Gotcha Day was January 11, 2004

Weze cellybrate wif lots uf Temptations and my favorite foodies, likes tuna and reel chicken. I gets red roses too! I luvs sniffing roses - speshully red and pink ones! We gots pink ones and orange ones in our yard. Dey not bloomin rite now (pooh.)

#31 Jazzy aka @jazzydacat

I celebrate my speshul day on 9 December, which is ever so close to Christmouse, by dancing around da Tree - Mummy and Trea make sure dat dis is up and ready for my birfday - and checking dat all da balls are on correctly and in da right place. Den I haz big cuddles and kissez with Mummy and Trea and dey helps me open ma birfday card and pwessies! Den laters, I get my favourite meal of either BIG prawns (not da value pack ones!) or Lobsta! Den I gets more cuddles and pampering and playtimes! http://jazzydacat.blogspot.com

#32 PollyPuss

I love to party...my name is Polly....I'm a silky black cat who lives in New Zealand......and I love to sneak a sip of Moms (Vicki) red wine...here is a picture of me Partying with Mom....I stole her glass...hehehehe!

I'm only two, and I have my Birthday in February, we celebrate with a selection of my favourite nom noms...lactose free pet milk...and wine for Mom and Dad.....oh and we put on the best DVD.....it's of the Coral Reef in Australia, so my friend Max can do some catnip and watch the fishies!

#33 Morris (aka @morriscat)

I haven't ever had a birthday party, but if I did, this is what I would like. I would wake the hoomans (@nelliejean and Mr Lovely) up early, like about 4:30am, and they would give me tuna to eat. Then I would get some quality snuggles before more tuna and a scamper outside. When I came back in, there would be catnippy presents and a little more tuna! Then I would nap til lunchtime. Lunch would be chicken. Some more snuggles would follow, then some Greenies, then more naps. At suppertime I would be served baked ham, still warm from the oven, with fresh, cool spring water to drink. I would have another quick scamper outside, then back in for more snuggles and ham before I fell asleep to dream about the perfect day I just had.

#34 Henry aka @QuadPawd

Hi, my name is Henry but my friends know me as Quadpawd on twitter. My mom is Angie Stockman. My exact Birthday is unknown, but mom and I decided to celebrate it July25th. We celebrated it this year by having a #pawpawty on twitter with a bunch of my good anipals. My Gotcha day is January 3rd. Mom just brought my home this past January, so I'm not sure how we will celebrate that day yet. I bet it will be something fun though.

#35 Cheshire Kitten aka @CheshireK

I arrived at this nice house in the beginning of June last year and the vet said that I was born at the beginning of May. My human decided to celebrate my birthday on May 1. I celebrated my first birthday with my anipals at a pawpawty! @Timmy_Dog won a prize and gave it to me and @HenryandFriends sent it to me in the mail from England to Texas. Then, I got a big BOX from my human's dad. She says the gift was a rug for her, but I know the box is more important. I loved my birthday with my humans and anipals, even if Karma did take my Kitty Tunnel and never let me go inside it.

#36 Sweet Praline

September 25, 1995 These treats are my all time favorite and they are hard to find. That’s why I am so happy in the picture.

#37 Gabby da Tabby

Gotcha Date: 12/15/01 at approx 4-5 wks of age

On a cold day in Nov. 2001, my real mama chose to find shelter under the deck of a very nice lady, and had 3 kittens, my bro, my sis and me. The nice lady had a dog and cat of her own indoors. She wanted to help us be safe but my mama was feral and very skiddish. So for almost a month, the nice lady set out food and water for us. Then the horrible day came. We were following Mama in the front yard and she started across da street. A big noisy machine zoomed by and we looked in horror as Mama did not move anymore. The nice lady was a nurse and put us in a box to bring us to work at the home health agency so she could comfort us on dat bad day. The office was filled with people that loved animals. They cooed over us all day. From time to time, we got out of the box & wandered. I kept going to the desk of a physical therapist named Carol, who had been looking for a rescue puppy. She never had a kitty or pup before. Her neighbors had 2 cats and had told her "no,get a cat" because she lived alone and cats are more independent. Carol went to see her patients but could not stop thinking about me. She came back to the agency to see if anyone had adopted my family. One lady wanted only two. Everyone knew I had picked Carol and they just knew she would be back for me. We were a match made in heaven. I have attached a picture someone took of me on dat first day at work. I was meowing out loud but don't I look like I am smiling? The others were taken that first week when I went on my first mouse hunts (computer and fuzzy).

I am very social with my She, Carol and love belly rubs and raising a paw for treats. While I want to be in the room with other people I don't want to be picked up. To this day, I still get very nervous around big boxes and get terrified of going outside or hearing loud noises. Guess I still think of the day I lost my mama. I hide in the closet when my She has her annual Memorial Day block party. Needless to say, bliss for me is a quiet Gotcha Day. We cuddle and I get my fav blueberry yogurt. Since I came into her life, my She has lost her parents, too. I love being a pawty anipal at pawpawties but Gotcha Day is a time that She and I pawse to realize how lucky She is that I survived dat day and made it into her life in time to help her through some sad times. And I, well, I came to find out dat I was lucky dat She had survived cancer and wanted to celebrate life by looking for an animal to love.

As for Gotcha Day December 15, 2009, as usual, der will be no hooplah, and der will be laughter no tears. Der will be, God willing, a lady, her fuzzball, and prolly her best pal, Neal (HISS!! kidding) enjoying some blueberry yogurt, and just like every other day, relaxing for a good belly rub and celebrating the gift of one more day in this glorious world.

#38 Emmy the Cat

Here's a picture of Emmy with her Teddy pals, waiting for her guests at her Gotcha Indoor Picnic Party, before lighting the candles on her cake. Emmy's Gotcha Day is actually 17 October.

#39 Kismet - birfday: approx. May 1, 2007

Dis pikture the day I arrived at my mommy's. I was itteh bitteh kitteh, wazn't I? I lost mah birf mom before I had even opened mah eyes, so dis orange kitteh was mah security-mom while I was bottle fed. Mah real mommy (da one I haz now) was one of mah "foster" mommies, but she never letz me leave agin. Canz you blame her? (Yesh, I hadz lotz of mommies, but whatz a boy to do when he's dis cute and luvable? Some may says that I was passed arounds so much becuz I waz too damanding, but I thinks I just had so much luv to share I neededs a mommy who could luvs me back just as much.) I haz lotz o brovers and sistas in my family now. Everday is a pawty here! And, I'z always the center of attentions, I make surez no one eva forgetz dat!

#40 Wilbur Wilson - birfday: 3/18/2008

Dis pikture of me n mah family! I'z the extra-cute black one on the left paw side of teh row of black boys. Here everday is a pawty, so for mah birfday I get extra belly rubz and mommy gives everonez some new toyz. I likeded the toyz teh bestest and I don't always sharez so good. I make growly noisez so my brovers and sistas knows which toyz is mah favorites! Boris iz mah hero. Does that makes me a kiss up?

#41 Growly Girl (aka @grrrkitty)

These are my favorite things! The cardboard clawing ramp loaded up with catnip (I ate most of it already), and my catnip mousies to play with. It's Party Time!

#42 Cleo

I finks I was born on 14 November 2008, so I iz yet to haz my first party. My humans Melissa and Jeffrey adopted my sister Sadie and I from Cat Rescue in Sydney Australia when we waz very young, after we had a very rough start to our lives. We iz going to have a big celebration for our first birfday wif streamers, lots of balls of wool, and Human2 tells me that they will have some big surprizes for us.

Now that you has seen dem all it is time to vote for your favorite! Votey ends Aug 8th at midnighty EDT!!! And member dis iz all for fun n games (okai n cool squeaky mices), but lets haz fun!