Jan 132011

Wot iz i sezzin? We just finks dis pikshur needs a cool capshun. We not hab a pwize picked out just yet but we will hab sumfin fun fur kittehs or doggies which eber wins. just post ur capshun in da comments by end of January fur ur chance to wins sumfin cool.

Make sure u gib a link to ur ur bloggy or twitter name so i knows who u iz. MOL

UPDATE: Pwize will be $25 to spend at either DogToys.com or CatToys.com and winner will be picked at random frum all entries. good lucks MOL

Show sum lub

  • Katie Cat

    Yo Human2, Imma happy that you lub your LEGOs, but I am the best kitten of all time. FEED ME TUNA.

  • Boris Kitty

    @katieboocat u knows how to get to a mancats heart TUNA MOL

  • Sebastian

    You're gonna wear THAT?

  • niqqi

    wnat could Boris be sayin'?

    "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a d_ _ _!"


    "Hey, Bertha, where's my stogie?"


    "Make it tuna, tuna casserole"


  • @dark_victory

    "And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!"

  • Mariodacat

    Could a guy have a little respect here!!

  • Wit and Wisdom from Rumpy Dog!

    Hey squirrel! I got something for ya buddy! Just wait til springtime comes!

  • aphroditie

    hey Picasso, you should see this!!

  • Boris Kitty


    'oh yeah? You and whose Army?'

  • jess

    "and don't come back without my tuna sammich!"

    "you call that a tuna sammich?!?!?"

    "that's what you're wearing?" (oops just saw someone beat me to that one)

    "yes, that makes you look fat!"

    "ask a stoopid question, get a stoopid answer"


  • Jo

    Youz did whatz to mez dinner?!

  • Teenys Friends

    Boris Kitty was horrified to see what Human 1's finger looked like after the stitches came out.

  • Yoda_the_Dog

    I demand a carpet runner for this hall – these floors are cold! from @Yoda_the_dog

  • jess

    another one:

    "eh, what's up doc?"


  • Cathy Keisha

    Yo! What's a cat got to do to get some attention in this place?
    Fetch me my mousey toy. NOW!

    @CathyKeisha http://www.stunningkeisha.com

  • Hemmingwayscat

    ahhhhh….. ahhhhh…. ahhhhh…. CHOOOOOOOOO!

  • Jenny

    *in an Edward G. Robinson gangster voice* Give me all yer tuna, see, and nobody gets hurt.


  • Erika Pinkoczi

    “Go ahead, make my day”