Mar 202017
Books from @nostarch for #SCIFIpawty Events

No Starch Press has been good to SCIFIpawty in the past and this year is no exception. They have donated several high quality books for use with our #SCIFIpawty events (auctions/pawty/IRL events) and we would like you all to say thank by following them on Twitter/Facebook and buying their books (personally we already own most […reads more]

Mar 192017
#SCIFIpawty In Real Life

Last year (and again this year — hopefully), Human2, Edgar and his clones along with H2’s LEGO user group (club) PennLUG went to The Great Philadelphia Comic Con to promote #SCIFIpawty and raise some moneys for the kittehs. Here are some of H2’s photos of the event. You can see all the fun Edgar was […reads more]

Mar 172017
Pawsum Tees Donated by @LadyGreyFox for #SCIFIpawty Plus More

My twitter pal @LadyGreyFox has kindly donated two very pawsum t-shirts. Fanks you @LadyGreyFox First up is da Strange Fur Things tee (artwork by Jenny Parks) This is a mashup of kittehs and the Netflix original show Stranger Things (if you haven’t watched it yet this is a very good show — four paws up). The other […reads more]

Mar 162017
Need Help with Your #SCIFIpawty Costumes? Ask @RealFakeGator for Assistance

Each year we try to get as many anipals as possible to join in the SCIFIpawty fun by coming in costume. We also have a costume contest where you might be able to win a prize to boot. So get your avis swapped out for #SCIFIpawty @RealFakeGator will be happy to assist anyone that can’t make […reads more]

Mar 162017
Cool Pet Walking Jacket Donated by @snuffynorton for #SCIFIpawty

Snuffy and his human make this really sweet walking jackets for pets and they are donating one as a prize for #SCIFIpawty! These are purrfect for medium cats or small dogs. And your prize will be made special just for you! Check out their site PetWalkingJackets for more information and thank you Snuffy!