Sep 172015
38th Annual Walk for Da Animals Coming Up

Caturday da 19th iz da 38th Annual Walky for da Animals and Im sending Human2 out once again to halp raising moneys for anipals. Dis iz a huge event raising money for a huge non-profit in our area, but dis year we are going to asking you not to donates to HSBC but rather to […reads more]

Aug 272015
Organic Pawstik For Doggy Paw Paws #Review & #GiveAway #OrganicPawstikPawBalm

Doggy’s paw paws can get all dried and cracked from summertime heat and wintertime cold. Dat’s where da Opie & Dixie Organic Pawstik comes in handy. (It is like a giant chapstick for ur feets.) It is easy to use and it smells good to. Best of all the paw balm really does help pups […reads more]