Apr 012014
How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity (If He Iznt Alreddy)

MOL. Dis here book had ma human ROTF and LOLin all ovah da place. Den herz stopped to askin my why I wuz not yet an internets celebri-cat? Da NERVE! But dat iz kinda a good queshun az I hab followed many of da steps in da book and above all else I r a cutie pie! Dis book is a great gifty to any internet cat lubber (and I even fink sum interweb doggies [...read more]

Mar 312014
I Found Momo! Can You Find Momo?

A booky review of sorts. Wowzerz dat doggy Momo iz a fun guy! He started out az an instagram star and has now got a published book (why dun’t I hab a book deal yet?) called . It iz in da same vein az Where’s Waldo but only cooler and more funs. Momo iz a handsum black and white border collie wif a ton of purrsonality, wot you will seed in da book when u [...read more]

Mar 282014
Booky Review: Good Crooks Book Two: Dog Gone! by Mary Amato

by Mary Amato Dis book was kind of fun. I was a little worried at first since the kids parents are bad crooks, but the good crooks truly turn out to be good and do the right thing. We especially liked that the kids’ were tryin to help a dog shelter raise money (even if that did not work out at first) and that the author includes ways for kids to help shelter animals at [...read more]

Mar 252014
Booky Review: Big Cat, Small Cat by Ami Rubinger

is anutter fun children’s book dat has the kids filling in the blanks in a fun way dat won’t make them feel like the are learning. And this book is even better than the previous book cause: 1) it is about opposites and not icky math & counting like dat doggy book and 2) it is full of kitties! Book Description: Big Cat, Small Cat takes readers through a fantastical world of felines where they will [...read more]

Mar 242014
I Gots Klout & Dat Gets Me Perks Like Dis Hills Science Diet Box o Goodies

Wot iz Klout u askin? To be honest I am not totally sure. I knows it takes a score from each of ma social medias and averages dem out to gib u a Klout score. Dey hab recently changed how u interacts on Klout (at least I can no longer pick my influencers and talk directly to furrends on der any more not dat I ever did). Now it seems to be a bit more [...read more]

Mar 242014
PAWSUM #SCIFIpawty Prize Giveaway: LEGO Space Book

If you are a regular follower of my webby page, facebook page or twitter account u already knows me and ma humanz r LEGO maniacs (remember when dat used to be a thing). Any who I gots a copy of the LEGO Space book from No Starch Press to gib to one of u lucky bums for SCIFIpawty. But instead of just gibbin it away as a door prize howz about we runs a lil [...read more]

Mar 202014
Booky Review: Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10

 by Ami Rubinger iz a fun children’s book dat will hab dem rhyming and counting and learning without even knowing it.  Full of cute colorful dogs you’ll have fun reading it to your child but more fun once they start reading it to you. Book Description: Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10 takes readers through a world of playful pups that love to count! Each spread’s rhyming text leaves out the last word, allowing little [...read more]

Mar 192014
Booky Review: Eddie and Dog by Alison Brown

Raise your paw if your human reads books to you? *raises paw* My human reads to me. I like listen to herz read out loud to me. It started awhile back and now I have quite the collection of children’s books that are actually mine. So maybe I should say dey are kitteh books? Any who, we decided we’re gonna read some books and write some reviews. You hab already seen sum of my reviews [...read more]