Sep 242011

Today wuz da 34th Walk for the Animals held by da Humane Society of Berks County. We hab been doin da walk for 4 years now. Before we started doin the walk it used to come up past our house n da humanz would sit on da porch and watch da doggy parade go by. But now it haz gotted so big wif so many walkers (somefin like a gazillion peeples and der doggies) it iz now held at da Reading Phillies baseball field.

Dis year not only did we raised almost $600 dollars for dem we also raised $250 for the box kitties dumped off at One By One Cat Rescue. I sended Edgar over to gib dem da check at da Walk for da Animals (but we is still running dat chip-in so dunt worries iffen u had to wait for more green papers to come in to donate).  While Edgar wuz der he buyed H2 a nice One By One tee shirt and sum new car magnets too (just a nutter way fur us to donates to dem — MOL).

Da beary nice man frum da HSBC did tell H2 fanks u fur bringin in all dem international donations. Well we sez we couldn’t hab dun it wif out all our friends from round da world!

I just wanted to gib everyone wot donated a great big hug and fank u for halpin make dis and extra special walkie for us and da animals!


Here are some really neat pikshurs from da Walk for the Animals for you to check out. We really likes da bulldog wot looks like he slobbered a puddle round he and dem purrty silver/black shepherds and great dane wot finked himz wuz a lap dog. Der are so many fun pikshurs — which one iz ur favorites?

We also posted dem all up on facebook too iffen u wanna comment over der or here.

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