Nov 282012

toys for tots

Ensign Edgar daKitty (he just had to go in his Star Trek uniform) wented wif Human2 to 1up Collectibles (r favorite comic book shop) and dropped off a nutter donation to Toys fur Tots. Dis time it wuz a Buttons-Opoly game Shih Tzu Opoly actually. I fink any kid dat lubs doggies will ub habbin dis game. But dis iz not hiz last stop. No sir. Edgar haz more donations for to gib dem kiddies.

Hmmm mehbe u could join us in our Toys for Kiddies from Kittehs campaign? Donate to Toys for Tots today!


Gib me a like

  • BorisKitty

    Sendin Edgar on more missions soon.

  • Kelly Ann T

    I will be donating to Santa’s Helpers a local organization that adopts families for Christmas. We also pulled an angel off the giving tree for a 6 year old girl.