Feb 242012

Please Halp Dis Kitty!I logged into Twitter dis morning to learn dat one of ma pals @SeabassCat had a fire at his apartment building and had to get out really fast. Hearing dis did skeer us sumfin awful.

His family and he are all okay, but dey lost everyfing. I mean everyfing in da fire. Human2 did gets to meets Sebastian’s mom a coupla times at BlogPaws and des are really nice peeples and dey need us now!

I feel so bad for da peeples dat lost der furry friends in da fire.

Some of you mights remember I had da fire trucks out at my house a few weeks ago for a strange smell. Luckily for me H2 grabbed me and my carrier and out da door we went until all da firemen had left. Otherwise I would hab been hidin like ma foster monsters and @CathyKeisha did (see her bloggy).

Hopefully, when time allows Sebastian will let us all know how he and his family are doing.

You can see how skeery dis fire wuz from da news post.

Fellow anipals (George the Duck, Mariodacat, Pandafur, RykerTyker) have set up a chipin for his family. Please please please iffen u can halp dem wif even $10 they have to start over from scratch and every penny counts when you hab nuffin.

I am boxin up a bunch of nip and toys for Sebastian cause I don’t fink getting him fun fings will be first on der to do listy.

I know Sebastian has not been feelin well lately and now being wif out a house and no comfortin toys or nuffin. I feel so bad for him and his family.

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  • Tildatoo

    We feel terrible about Sebastian losing his home, it must be so scarey! Mom was reading it online last night and it really made her think about being ready to leave in a hurry if we need to.
    Thank goodness everybody’s ok. It’s so nice that you’re sending nip and toys! We know that will make the kitties feel better. 

  • Cathy Keisha

    I’m sure he’ll really appreciate the toys and nip. I know his Mom was tweeting that the thing she needed most last nite was cat food for him. Thanks for a great post.

  • I posted about them too – I feel so bad for Sebastian and his human! I think that’s awesome that you are sending a care package.

  • That was a shock to all.  Well, especially to them.  How terrifying.  So glad they are okay.

  • Boris, we will be donating. We will also send something nippy to Kathi and CJ kitty pals of Seabass who lost everything including their kitty Cosmo.