Nov 272012

2012 toys 4 tots

We fink all kids should hab a good Christmas (even if az a child H2 hated Clasuerman). Dat why we always gib sumfin to Toys for Tots. Sum years we can gib more den utter and dis year iz a beary abundant year, because we were gived tons of Webkins from a store closing buy out and were den donated to us by We calling Part 1 of our Toys for Tots journey da Pink Poodle project cause we are gibbin dem kids 57 pink poodles!

Toys for Tots

Piper decided to inspect da toys from inside da bags.

toys for tots

It is  Toys for Tots time and Edgar and I r beary busy! I sent Edgar off to Toys R Us to drop off our fist round of donations for dis year. He had to say goodbye to each of dem poodles afore dem went. Dey gonna get new lubbin homes.

Toys for Tots

Da Pink Poodles gonna fill up dat donation box!

Edgar Toys for Tots

 Hab u donated sumfin yet?

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  • AWWW thats ALOT of Pinkk Poodles :O)

  • BorisKitty

    Ur telling me! H2 had hard time carryin dem all into da store MOL

  • Kelly Ann T

    I have won some great items this year and we are donating them to local families. Way to go with oodles of poodles.

  • BorisKitty

    it iz oodles of poodles 🙂

  • Toys for Tots is a good and trusted charity. HT to you

  • Melissa Wetterow

    Toys for Tots is a great charity! I give to them every year and my job as well as several volunteer organizations I work with hold toy drives! Very rewarding to be able to help kids have a great Christmas!

  • pumpkinpuddy

    That’s a lot of pink poodles! Did Edgar keep the poodle he’s hugging or did he donate it with the rest of the poodles?

  • BorisKitty

    Edgar wuz just gibbin he a goodbye hugs. He off to be adopted by sumbuddy fur xmas 🙂

  • BorisKitty

    It do feel good to gib.

  • BorisKitty

    fanks u we lub gibbin stuff to kiddies.

  • BorisKitty

    Dat is pawsum!

  • I love you with all those poodles around you Boris! I bet you was glad to see them go though! woo woo!

  • That is SOOO cool! Your humans are very generous and will make loads of kids happy!