Nov 302012

Toys for Tots

Okai we still hab more givin to do! Here iz Edgar back at Toys R Us for a nutter Toys for Tots drop off of a big bag of Webkinz n plush toys for all da girls & boys.

(U should hab seen da GROUCHY look a lady in line for makin a return gave H2 when herz went in da store carryin a big TRU bag & asked to be get thru at the counter (did not want to walk thru store wif big bag o toys so needed to use short cut). Lady musta thought herz wuz buttin in line but did not change her expresshun when H2 sed Toys for Tots. Pffffft to herz. Bet dat lady not even gonna donates a lil toy either. Grouchy hed.

Anywho even wif grouchiness all around us, dropping off dem toys makes us feel all good and warm and fuzzy inside.

Wot has u donated dis year?

Toys for Tots

Dats r big bag of webbykinz fillin up da donashun box agin in dat TRU bag wot made dat lady mad at us. MOL

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  • Some people are PLAIN GRUMPY> Good for mu and you and Edgar doing all this good stuff. Glad I am sending stuffs as a THANK YOU!

  • Sometimes people just have bad days too. Not like us you know. Thanks to you and to your humans for doing good stuff for all those kids!

  • Kelly Ann T

    I donated a raffle prize last week one for a child and another for a cat. On December 8, Artie dog and I are walking in the Jingle Bell Dog Walk a fundraiser for a local shelter. We are donating a raffle prize for that too.