Oct 262011

Well Human2 did not want Piper habbin a cool Star Trek toy so herz comed home from werk wif a Lamb Chop dog toy. It habs da same soft furs da teddy bear haz and iz a little smaller makin it eazier for herz to carry around. We did not knows iffen herz would like it or not but it haz been here for 2 days and Piper been playin wif it ever since. First nite herz played wif it a little bit (H2 finks herz likes finkin it being put up out of reach and not fur kitteh paws since herz not really like it when it gibbed rite to her).

Best part wuz Human2 woked up in da middle of da nite and reached over and grabbed a slightly soggy Lamb Chop in da dark. Piper not only played wif it but herz dragged it up da stairs and into da bed wif H2. I finks herz likes it.

Den tonight H2 put it out of kitteh reach on da Caddy Stacks and Piper played and played wif it. Herz even grabbed it and runned under da table to kill it sum more likes herz did wif da Spock teddy bear.  We finkin mehbe it be a good replacement fur da Spock bear.


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