Feb 272013

OMC. Ma furrends ovah at TokiPoki.com did ovah do dem selfs once agin. We hab always lubbed der pawsum anipal trading cards (and have tried to collect all our pals) so when dey sed lets make special edishun for SCIFIpawty I wuz jumpin up and down all excited. Here iz wot ma card will look likes.

Boris In Space Trading Card

Here iz ma SCIFIpawty Trading Card front and back.

You can seed I am flying in space wif da Millennium Falcon fightin da good fight. But dat Darth Vader keeps telling me dat da Darkside haz cookies!

Here da best part… You can head ovah to TokiPoki.com right now and order up your very own set of highly collectible and sought affer SCIFIpawty Trading Cards today.

You will den hab a chance of being in da extra special edition 10 pack of cards wot will be fur sale on der site. A portion of da sale of these packs will go to One By One Cat Rescue!

When you order ur own cards I suggest orderin dat special 10 pk of cards as well so u hab a super special edishun collekshun on paw to show off to ur pals (plus u will get ma card & halpin da kittehs out at da same time).

SCIFIpawty Trading Cards Edgar

Here is Edgar’s card front and back. to gib u a few idears fur ur cards.

So start you collection today. It iz out of dis world fun collectin and tradin with ur pals & I wants to hab a HUGE collection of SCIFIpawty cards in ma card binder!

Toki SCIFIpawty Trading Cards

Toki showin off her Avatar look fur her SCIFIpawty Trading Cards

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