Sep 082011

Those of you who play wif me on Twitter probably already knows all about @FreeKibble (if not you should be following them so go do this now. I’ll wait. Okay, so your back now? Good.) (doggies) and (kittehs) donates food to shelters all over and to halp dem all you have to do is answer their trivia questions. It doesn’t matter iffen you gets it wrong either cause they will still donate to da anaimals and u gets knowledge. Cool huh?

Well today is a little extra special for dem cause all the kibbles will be donated to 2 special shelters in hurricane Irene stricken areas.  Da Central Vermont Humane Society ( and the Fayetteville, NC Animal Protection Society (( and Halo want to donate 10,000 meals today.

So get to clicking. Be sure to visit both sites and tell all your facebook and twitter buddies to do the same. I have!

Be sure to visit both sites, and, daily to donate kibble.

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