Jul 232012

One By Once Kittehs Need UsIt has come to our attenshuns dat One By One Cat Rescue is still in need of sponsors for der Bag & Basket Bingo event dey r holding to halp raise funds for all da kittehs in der care.

And we wanna halp. So I did starts a ChipIn for One By One. We are trying to raise enough moneys to sponsor 2 baskets, iffen we get more den needed we will of course donate da extra moneys rite to One By One.

Da Bingo iz on August 12, 2012 so we needs to gets dem der moneys ASAP.
So I am going to try and get $250 by Friday! Please halp iffen u can
Dis iz one of der bestest fund raisers n we wanna make it even betterer.

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    Psssst. I stoled Mom’s paypal info to help out those kitties. Not a lot…but I hope it helps with the basket!

  • BorisKitty

    FANKS U. Ur pawsum n I won’t tell ur Mom neither. *HUGS*