Jan 222013

Paw It Forward CardWe gotted a late Xmas card from our pals ovah at Citizen Paine (a PR company I fink we werked wif at some point during da year). But it wuzn’t just a card it had a neat origami bird inside da card. And dat bird wuz a folded up $10 bill.

Da note inside the card asked dat we paw it forward. My first thought wuz I will just gib it to One By One (which of course we were intending to do next time we went ovah to an adoption day), but da universe had anutter plan fur us. We had da money in our wallet carryin all ovah da place (surprised H2 did not go and spend it by accident).

Den we gotted an email from The Buddy Rescue about Ellie Mae dat sweet looking hound doggy wot needed to hab surgery on both her ears. So we qwikly clicked ovah to der chip in and made sure dey got dat moneys. She still needs halp wif her vet bills (see my post about herz and please donate iffen you can). The folks at da Buddy Rescue r really nice people and do so much good fur da puppies wot need savin. I knows dey will be beary appreciative of any moneys dey gets. (dunt worry ma pals at One By One will still gets a donashuns frum us too….sides SCIFIpawty iz all fur dem)

Paw-ing it forward fanks to Citizen Paine PR

Paw-ing it forward fanks to Citizen Paine PR

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