Jul 202012

Today Human2 and I put a bunch of scifi-ish fings up on eBay.com to halp clean out da pooter room and make sum moneys for charity. We set up the auctions to actually take 10% off selling price and gib it to Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.

1x1 kittens waiting for adopshunsSince dey r all scifi-ish but it iznt SCIFIpawty time yet, we thought dat wot ever is left affer da ebay/paypal fees we will add dat to our collekshuns for One by One Cat Rescue. Sadly we fink dat da sale prices will be so low dat only Blind Cat Rescue will see any of dis money, but a kitteh can hope right?

Iffen we do okay wif dis, we will continue to sell off sum fings round da house collectibles, toys, lego (yeah I gonna gib up sum of ma lego sets…hai it fur a good cause).

So keep an eye out for eBay auctions from whataslacker (here da linky http://search.ebay.com/?sass=whataslacker&ht=-1) and lets halp sum anipals!

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