Oct 232012

sock monkey bed O waits dat monkey IZ ma bed.

Dis iz ma new bed. It looks like a [amazon_link id=”B008EWP2ZE” target=”_blank” ]sock monkey[/amazon_link] like wot H2 used to hab dat herz Aunt had made fur herz.

It iz just da right size for kittehs (normal size kittehs and even a big moose of a cat likes me) and small dogs. Da inside sleepy area measures 15″ x 13″.

Sock Monkey Pet Bed Sock Monkey Pet Bed Sock Monkey Pet Bed

At least I gotted to cuddle in MA [amazon_link id=”B008EWP2ZE” target=”_blank” ]sock monkey bed[/amazon_link] at least once (da monsters hab been in it ever since I gotted it). Mehbe I shuld tells Human2 we need 2 more so da monsters can hab der own [amazon_link id=”B008EWP2ZE” target=”_blank” ]sock monkey beds[/amazon_link]? Dis bed iz not just cute it iz comfy too. Da sides are good n poofy, but da underside not az poofy az I likes. Dat iz why we hab it up on da chair to make it a lil more comfy, but he also der to halp protect da chair from da monsters claws too.

Three out of three kittehs agree dis iz a purrty pawsum spot to sleep in.

You can get dis pawsum baed at DogToys.com, CatToys.com or [amazon_link id=”B008EWP2ZE” target=”_blank” ]Amazon.com[/amazon_link].

Disclosure/Disclaimer: Human2 werks fur DogToys.com,  Inc. so I gotted dis bed to try out to seed if kittehs like it too. But just cause we gotted it doz not means we wuz drugged n posed in da bed to makes it looks comfy. Believe u me iffen I did not likes it I would no be snorin in it!

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  • OMC – how cute is that!!! We are off to find mom’s magic card…..

  • That does look like a cool, comfy bed!

  • I think I might be scared of the big monkey bed. You and the monsters are very brave kitties to sleep in it.

  • oh Boris! You look pawesome in that bed! Very snuggly indeed!

  • BorisKitty

    fanks u. it iz a snuggle spot fur me. I fits just right in it. I likes ma beds tight n snuggly like dat.

  • BorisKitty

    Oh it iz a friendly monkey. nuffin to be skeered of der.

  • BorisKitty

    it iz! (and he kinda cutes too)

  • BorisKitty

    did u finds dat magic card? iffen u do dunt furgets to follow da banner linky off to da right of ma bloggy (it haz a 15% off code embedded in it)

  • Kelly Ann T

    A friend of mine just adopted a small dog (8lbs) will he fit in this cute bed? I would love to get him one.

  • BorisKitty

    O dat bed would be great for a lil doggy! I m 25 lbs of moose cat and I lub it. Ma foster monsters lub it too and dey about 8 lbs.