Apr 032012

fresh pet cookiesYummers. Cookies!!! O wait der not fur me!

Freshpet, da folks wot makes dem nommy cat and dog foods dat are so fresh n good fur u dat dey haz to stay in da fridge, are at it agin.

Dis time dey haz bake at home COOKIES! No mixin no messin just cookie makin fun and boy do dey smelll nommy good when dey is bakin.

Since we not hab doggies here at dis house I sent dem along wif H2 to gib to a co-werker and her also gibbed sum to a neighbor Yorkie. Da cookies needed to be broken in pieces fur herz but herz nommed dem and gibbed dem two paws up!

fresh pet cookies fresh pet cookies fresh pet cookies

As you can see I enjoyed da apron very much and would not let H2 use it to bakin da cookies, MOL. I wuz just tryin to make dat saying tru.

U know da one about everyfing tastes betterer wif a little cat hair.

moose dutchess

Moose Luther Bigglesworth and Dutchess Marie Renee Rennard were ma utter two taste testers.

Moose did not like da Peanut Butter ones so much but Dutchess did enjoys both flavors. Seems like everybuddy lubbed da Oatmeal Cranberry cookies da bestest. Funny cause H2 really, really wanted to nom on da peanut butter ones.

We had cooked both batches at once and fink dat mehbe da peanut butter ones needed to be cooked a little bit longer den da cranberry ones.

I finks we will be telling our utter doggy furrends about the tastin and good for u bake at home cookies fro Freshpet.

Disclaimer: Even wif free noms from da manufacturer da opinions in dis review are strictly those of da pets mentioned. No self respectin cat or dog would ever allow a little fing like gift to cloud der judgements of noms!


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