Dec 032015

My scary closetMy humanz always had a hard time finding my treats in the dark, dark closet. Often struggling with the room behind its light or searching with a flashlight.

Now they got this handy dandy little light that comes on when the door is opened and they can find whatever they need right quick now. Very handy when dishing out those kitteh snacks!

It is called a Motion Sensor Light Pro (but the folks on Amazon hab given a big huge name so we will gib you a linky to it):

I heard them saying they were getting another for the upstairs closet too. I better tell the monsters cause I know they like to hide in there some times and now they will be found easily.

Now off to sit in front of the door and pest for some treats. Later!


Disclaimer. Even though we are raving about this light it iz because we honestly loving it and not because somebuddy gave it to us (which they did by the way in exchange for this pawsumly honest review see above). Heck everybuddy knows u can’t tell a kitty how to act or wot to sez!


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