Mar 242017

Quarks BarHere are all the pawsum peeps you’ll want to follow and when they will be on shifts to make your SCIFIpawty experience a pleasurable one.

Tip jar here: if u needs to pay wif paypal here is dat tip jar:

MENU of Drinks and Noms to order up at the bar:

11am-12pm @Lucky_GSD
12pm-1pm @OllyTed
1pm-2pm @TiggyBean
2pm-3pm @ToddyFur
3pm-4pm @ChalkyBear13
4pm-5pm @MariodaCat
5pm-6pm @PatsyDog1
6pm-7pm @lampwireslayer
7pm-8pm @HenrytheCat2002
8pm-9pm @MootheMouseCat
9pm-10pm @Meow_Girls
10pm-11pm @TinyPearlCat

* This time is in EDT (eastern daylight time) if you need to check it against the time for your country/time zone click here.

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