Mar 242017

Every year we have loads of wonderful prizes to giveaway durin da pawty. And dis year iz no different. Be sure you are following all da prizemaster (and dat dey r following u too) cause you will need to DM (direct message) dem with your entry.

Tip jar here: if u needs to pay wif paypal here is dat tip jar:

11am to 12pm EDT wif @LilyLuWhoT

  • $10 Donation to Shelter donated by @Smokey8
  • Fawn Necklace donated by @Whskr
  • A Festival Pet Bath Collection (a towel, a hand towel and a washcloth) with cat motif & Shower Curtain donated by @Smokey8
  • Kitty Toys & Treats bundle donated by @TinyPearlCat

12pm to 1pm EDT wif @LilyLuWhoT

  • From Meowingtons – set of black cat earrings and a beige scarf donated by @Smokey8
  • Handmade Pillow Cover donated by @danapixie
  • $10 Donation to Shelter donated by @Smokey8

1pm to 2pm EDT wif @maggietkat

  • Strange Fur Things tee donated by @LadyGreyFox USA ONLY
  • Fawn Necklace donated by @Whskr
  • $10 Donation to Shelter donated by @Smokey8

2pm to 3pm EDT wif @ladygreyfox

  • $10 Donation to Shelter donated by @Smokey8
  • Fawn Necklace donated by @Whskr
  • For coloring enthusiasts – a coloring book with markers donated by @Smokey8

3pm to 4pm EDT wif @Frankencat1

  • TARDIS Necklace @FrankenCat1
  • $10 Donation to Shelter @Smokey8

4pm to 5pm EDT wif @BorisKitty

  • Adventure Time DVD @BorisKitty USA ONLY
  • LEGO Scooby Doo DVD @BorisKitty USA ONLY
  • 4 LEGO Batman/Superhero DVDs @BorisKitty USA ONLY
  • LEGO Batman Movie Tote/Shirt/Hat @BorisKitty USA ONLY

5pm to 6pm EDT wif @BorisKitty

  • SCIFIpawty Mystery Box @BorisKitty USA ONLY
  • Star Trek Magnetic Personalities Set of 4 (Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura) @UPguild USA ONLY
  • Grumpy Cat Comics Issue #1 @BorisKitty USA ONLY

6pm to 7pm EDT wif @tweetingtruman

  • Robot Keychain @midgethemutt USA ONLY
  • Cat Lady Box @CatLadyBox USA ONLY
  • Handmade Pillow Cover @danapixie
  • $10 Donation to Shelter @Smokey8

7pm to 8pm EDT wif @tweetingtruman

  • Grumpy Doctor Cat @LadyGreyFox USA ONLY
  • Pet Walking Jacket @snuffynorton
  • $10 Donation to Shelter @Smokey8

8pm to 9pm EDT wif @cheriswan

  • Boris Kitty Ornament @seattlep USA ONLY
  • $10 Donation to Shelter @Smokey8 USA ONLY
  • iPhone 6 TARDIS Case @LadyGreyFox
  • $10 Donation to Shelter @Smokey8

9pm to 10pm EDT wif @cheriswan

  • a blankie from @coloradocatnip store @Smokey8
  • Raise the Minimum Wage for Kittens, Mittens Don’t Wash Themselves T-shirt, Urban Bird Watchers Notebook, Cheshire Cat Finger Puppet @UPguild
  • A Festival Pet Bath Collection with dog motif (a towel, a hand towel and a washcloth) @Smokey8

10pm to 11pm EDT wif @sisfurcats

  • Boris Kitty Book @kittehboi et al
  • Disappearing Cheshire Cat Mug, Cheshire Cat Finger Puppet, Urban Bird Watchers Notebook @UPguild
  • $10 Donation to Shelter @Smokey8


* This time is in EDT (eastern daylight time) if you need to check it against the time for your country/time zone click here.

We had so many awesome donations that we ran out of time during the party but you will see a lot of the cool stuff from ThinkGeek , No Starch, Quirk Books, Signed merch, and more in our auctions which we hope to have live in April.

We will have loads of opportunities to get more cool stuff from our charity auctions for One By One Cat Rescue coming in April. All profits (less approx. 10% for ebay/paypal fees) go directly to the rescue group.

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