Mar 242017

@OllyTedOur most excellent sekurity team members are here to help you. If you are new to pawties or seem lost or need to point out sum infrakshun please seek out da red shirt on duty at da time.

Tip jar here: if u needs to pay wif paypal here is dat tip jar:

11am-12pm @TerenceTerrier
12pm-1pm @OllyTed
1pm-2pm @OllyTed
2pm-3pm @MouseFaceMeow
3pm-4pm @ToddyFur
4pm-5pm @TerenceTerrier
5pm-6pm @whskr
6pm-7pm  @boriskitty
7pm-8pm @SquirtTheCat
8pm-9pm @Abbeyrescuedox
9pm-10pm @Abbeyrescuedox
10pm-11pm  @boriskitty

* This time is in EDT (eastern daylight time) if you need to check it against the time for your country/time zone click here.

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