Feb 102013

Who Let the Dogs Out*pawses da DVR*

OMC. My twitter pal, Tillman (@TillmanSkates) haz his beary own TV show wot iz in its second season and now on da Hallmark channel called Who Let The Dogs Out. It iz a pawsum show and u shuld all set ur DVRs (cause it is unfortunately in da middle of da day on Fridays….boo Hallmark). But Tillman and all da doggies on da showin doin pawsum tricks iz well worth the DVR time honest.

Dis week dey featured clips from BLOGPAWS. I did miss out on going to BlogPaws last year cause of a fambly emergency (& I wuz just heart broken to learn dat not only would I miss ma pals from previous BlogPaws I would not hab a chance to meet Tillman).

Seeing da show kinda made up for missin da real fing. I got to seed all ma pals right der on ma TV (dis is somefin I don’t even get to do when H2 gets to go to BlogPaws).

We are so looking forward to getting to BlogPaws 2013 where H2 gets to learn new tricks too. It iz a great conference for pet bloggers to learn how to better der bloggies and network wif fellow bloggers. Dis year we gonna try and get us sum guest bloggers here on my bloggy. Wot do you all finks about dat?

I finks BlogPaws 2013 will be da right place to lern how to do just dat!

Back to watchin Tillman!

*unpawses da DVR*



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