Dec 282012

Cosmo at BarkWorldIt haz been a horrible howliday fur us. First we lost ma Pal Frugal, den Human1’s cousin did pass on the 24th and I come back to lern dat ma sweet fluffy furrend Cosmo haz also crossed da rainbow bridge.

Cosmo wuz one of ma firstest pals on Twitter & we did hab fun at pawties (he wuz a dancing fool)! Himz danced in real lifes too!

Human2 gotted to meet he fur reals at Barkworld down in Hotlanta where himz lived.

But dat wuz no da only time we met up wif he. When human2 gotted off da plane in Colorado for BlogPaws first fing herz saw wuz Cosmo walkin thru da airports.

Cosmo we hab so many loverly memories of you and will remember u always.



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