Sep 262012

School mighta only started (actually it iz midterm alreddy can u believe it) but you gotta plan a yearbook all year long. Get to takin photos n organizin dem. It can be a lotta hard werk. But ma human2 werked on da yearbooks in high school and back in da dark ages it wuz a lot harder to makes one I’ll tell you.

Heck, wif all dis digital technologies you can makes one on your own from How cool iz dat?

Shutterfly makes making yearbooks easy peasy lemon squeezy. Wif school bein back we finks dem make ur own yearbooks r a great idear. Especially for kids in schools wif no yearbooks, or bein home schooled. It gibs dema chance to savin der memories from da school year too.

Here’s ma scool pikshur. I wuz goin fur class clown but Indykitty winned dat one.

Boris Relaxin

I winned ma class vote for most likely to nap in class. MOL

Need sum inspurrashuns? Check out Shutterfly  across da interwebs…

Wow der everywhere kinda like kitties. H2 gonna makes me a yearbook sumtime *gibs herz a squinty eyed look*? Or mehbe we should do one of Edgar’s travels? Dat would be fun in a yearbook.  *takes notes* I gotta get werkin on dat.


Disclosure: dis iz a sponsored post, but az always da thoughts comments and opinions r all mines! Just like all da chicken on ur plate it iz all mines!

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