May 032012

A purrson from da Federal Trade Commission had talked to us at BlogPaws last year. And it still made us all scratch our heds.

H2 left there finking we used clear disclosure but affer reading dis article we r not so sure any more.

New FTC Rules on Writing Reviews, Affiliations, and Sponsored Posts

The article clearly spells out wot u need to disclose (I finks it makes it painfully clear that it is now painfully painful to be a blogger).

Iffen I haz sumfin I like I wanna tell da werld about it. Iffen I haz sumfin I hate I wanna tell da werld about it! I dun’t finks I shuld hab to explain to everyone how an affiliate link werks n wot it iz, but apparently da FTC thinks dat I doz.

So going forward u will see da big old stoopid idiot block at da bottom of ma posts dat disclose dat I am a cat and I like to play wif cat toys…not just on da posts dat I knows needs dem but even on da stoopid lil posts cause u knows I mite slip an affiliate link or peanuts into it n I dunt wants no one habbin an allergic reakshun to any of ma posts!

So guess ma question iz will der be sum1 at BlogPaws from da FTC agin and mehbe BlogPaws could film dat and gib it streaming fur free to all anipals dat blog so we knows we doin da right fings?

It iz all so beary beary confusin.


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