Feb 272013

boris kittyHuman2 got up early last Caturday and wented out wif out me.

Herz wented to a train & toy show ovah at da expo center (dats where dey will be havin da Pet Expo, which is unfortunately da same weekend az SCIFIpawty).

Well, herz hoped to seed pawsum train setups but wuz a little disappointed by most.

However, der wuz one train setup dat made her wanna come home and set up my trains. It wuz dun by da fun folks at PENNLUG (Pennsylvania Lego Users Group, wot iz an AFOL [adult fan of lego] group….I finks H2 should join dat group). Here are sum pikshurs of da cool LEGO train set dey did. You can seed more ovah at SCIFISLACKER.com.

Doctor Who in da LEGO train set

LEGO Trains

LEGO trains

DO u seed da red shirt guy & Superman flyin by?


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  • Nan Brown

    WOW! Mom’s son and three of her grandsons need to be members ot an adult Lego group. They would love to see this train.

  • Zillions of us will be at SciFipawty YOU BET WE WILL.