Feb 182013

SniffinHalloooo everybuddy.

So did you take a whiff? What did you smell?

Well der iz a new scent in da wind from our pals ovah at World’s Best Cat Litter.

I can’t tell you what dat scent is just yet. Fur now it will haz to stay a mystery.

Be on da look out for more informashuns on dis pawsum new litter from dis Catvocate for WBCL! Dats right I am a Catvocate (did u not seed ma fancy new badge over to da right on ma bloggy).

Worlds Best Cat Litter New Scent

So what do you fink da mystery scent iz?


Gib me a like

  • Kelly Ann T

    I would love some great smelling litter. I cannot imagine the mystery scent.

  • OK, lets me put my kitteh thinking cap on… I would say a kitteh would like mouse scented litter, no?

  • They say human’s like ‘pyne’ flavoured smells Boris? How about pyne then????

    Dash Kittern

  • oooh can’t wait to hear what the scent is! Or smell it??? MOL

  • Green makes me fink of mint, and I do know dat kitties are attracted to peppermint, but iz no good for us. Maybe dey re concocted it so it not bad fur us, but smells minty? or maybe iz pine. or maybe iz tree branch. Or hows bout falling leaf? or maybe is moss on a branch? hee hee otay, getting carried away here.