Sep 042013
It is Time Again for HSBC Walk for the Animals

The Walk for the Animals iz a little earlier dis year and haz tooked us by surprise! It iz next weekend alreddy (Sept 14th). I can no believe it! We lub all u guys n really appreciates ur support on r lil fundraisin efforts to halp da animals at da Humane Society of Berks County each year. Even wif out me pesterin u guys on a regular basis u hab halped me reach ma goal […read more]

May 212013
The Sad Cat Diary [video and it not me]

It do be comedy week ovah on youtube so I thought I would share sum kitteh comedy wif you. I finded dis video fanks to a furrend and it did hab me laffin ma furry butt off. I not laffin at da sad kittehs no I laffin at da human da reads da diary to us in da video. Enjoy.   ps….I suggest u also check out more of dis guys videos like da True […read more]

May 022013
Increasin ma Smarts at petMD University (fur real dis time)

Dats right dis kitteh be goin to college! MOL. I might not be able to run my own blog (in case u seed a blank version of dis post being tweeted dis week, sawry my bad) but I hab been getting smarter ovah at petMD University. Dey hab some very interesting classes you can take to increase ur knowledge of ur pet. I might even take classes on doggies since I hab some in ma […read more]

Nov 082012
Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups on Blu-ray & DVD

Remember last year I did tells you all about ma pawsum Spooky Buddies movie? Well dis year I hab anutter pup movie made by da same folks…here comes Santa Paws 2! Here’s all da 411 on dis film n when it iz comin out n so forths. Look for a contest comin soon too so u can wins ur own Santa Paws 2 DVD! From the Creators of the Disney Buddies Franchise Comes the All-New […read more]

Aug 282012
Lookit da Walk for da Animals Fun

Just wanted to share da linkies to my albums of pikshurs from past Walk for the Animals  events. H2 haz loads of fun at these and we appreciate anyfin you can donates toward reach (or exceedin) our goal dis year. (silly us do no hab pikshurs of da first one we wented to sawry) 32nd Annual Walk for the Animals 33rd Annual Walk for the Animals 34th Annual Walk for the Animals    

Aug 272012
Plz Sponsor Me For da Walk for Da Animals

It iz dat time of year agin when I come to you and askin for halp to halp da animals. It iz da 35th annual Walk for the Animals for Berks Humane Society and we iz doin it yet agin dis year. (Although Human2 still needs to get off herz butt n actually register for the walk!) We did pick up our yard sign and will be placing it in da front of da house […read more]

Aug 022012
Halping at One By One Da Kitties Need Us

Two weeks ago I did send Edgar and his pal Scruffy McGee off to One By One to volunteer der time to halp wif da 1×1 newsletters. It wuz only fitting since me and Edgar r featured right in da center of wif a full page article! We did even post da whole newsletter iffen you would likes to readin about us doing r fundraisers fur One By One. Like last week when we rushed […read more]

May 162012
Pets Alive Saves ALL NYC Kittens

I just gotted a press release dat is both amazin and heart breakin at da same time. A New York NO-KILL rescue, Pets Alive, stepped in to save 64 cats (60 kittens n 4 mom cats) that would have been put down by NYC animal shelters. We applawds dem for savin dem kittehs! (it iz so heart breakin when we see da tweets n da facebook posts sayin dis kitteh on DEATH ROW or to […read more]

Apr 012012
2012 Pet Expo Stuffs

Da weekend before SCIFIpawty I sent Human2 off to da Pet Expo here in town. Herz had a little furrend wif her. Dats Scruffy McGee. He iz frum and he comed to play wif us fur awhile. U will see sum more of hiz adventures here on ma site and also over on der bloggy. Check da pikshures below for more fun fings and seed dat skeery Gecko on Scruffy’s nose! He wuz not […read more]

Feb 242012
OMC Ma Pal Sebastian Lost His Home!

I logged into Twitter dis morning to learn dat one of ma pals @SeabassCat had a fire at his apartment building and had to get out really fast. Hearing dis did skeer us sumfin awful. His family and he are all okay, but dey lost everyfing. I mean everyfing in da fire. Human2 did gets to meets Sebastian’s mom a coupla times at BlogPaws and des are really nice peeples and dey need us now! […read more]