Jul 252013
Enter to Win a Bag of the New Advanced Natural Cat Litter from WBCL

CONTEST TIME! You could win a bag of the new litter from World’s Best Cat Litter. Enter below in the widety-fing. Ends 8/3/13 so get to enterin for ur chance to win dis fabulous pwize. Only available to US residents (sawry werld). Be sure to share wif ur fb & twitter pals fur more entries! Related: World’s Best Cat Litter Just Got Bestier a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jul 112013
World's Best Cat Litter Just Got Bestier

The folks at World’s Best Cat Litter have comed up with a new all natural, high performance clumping litter dat makes cleanin up da cat box dat much more betterer. Adding even more litters to der family of cat litters makes dem even better in ma book so now dey r known to me az The World’s Bestier Cat Litter. Here is der official announcements about dis new New Cat Litter… World’s Best Cat Litter™ […read more]

Feb 182013
Take a Whiff. What Do You Smell?

Halloooo everybuddy. So did you take a whiff? What did you smell? Well der iz a new scent in da wind from our pals ovah at World’s Best Cat Litter. I can’t tell you what dat scent is just yet. Fur now it will haz to stay a mystery. Be on da look out for more informashuns on dis pawsum new litter from dis Catvocate for WBCL! Dats right I am a Catvocate (did u […read more]

Jun 152011
Review of the World's Best Cat Litter Scented Formula

We gotted a sample bag of the all new scented formula of the World’s Best Cat Litter.  We wanted to like it cause we add a lil bit of smelly goods to da box affer cleaning it every time. But da lavendar scent is just too strong. Not only couldn’t our humanz stands the smell us kittehs did not like it and even avoided da litter box. So da humanz added about a fitty/fitty mix […read more]