Apr 012014
How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity (If He Iznt Alreddy)

MOL. Dis here book had ma human ROTF and LOLin all ovah da place. Den herz stopped to askin my why I wuz not yet an internets celebri-cat? Da NERVE! But dat iz kinda a good queshun az I hab followed many of da steps in da book and above all else I r a cutie pie! Dis book is a great gifty to any internet cat lubber (and I even fink sum interweb doggies [...read more]

Mar 102014
CardsFromCats.com is Pawsum Fun

I hab been over at CardfromCats.com making ecards and habbin a pawsum fun time. Dey just got started up but dey still hab plenty to choose from wif new content comin all da time. Being da scifi geek & nerdy kitteh dat I am I got der just in time. We watched The Cosmos last night on FOX (it is on agin tonite on Nation Geographic channel too) and they hab a bunch of CATSMOS [...read more]

Sep 062013
I Haz a Big Empty Sad Hole in Ma Hearts

I hab lost so many of ma goodest pals on Twitter (dat da problem wif us anipals we tend to leave dis werld qwicker den da humanz wot lub us). But dis past week haz been especially hard as two wunnerful pals did both cross dat bridge way before der time due to beary tragic accidents. It iz bad enuff when we leave r humanz when it iz time to go, but to leave dem [...read more]

Sep 042013
Kitteh Rescued Rite B4 Ma Beary Eyes!

Okai so it wuz really Human2 dat got to witness da kitteh bein saved, but I got all excited when herz comed home and told me about it. Da utter week H2 stopped by da Humane Society of Berks County like she do to drop off donations (dis time goodies for der raffle durin the Walk for the Animals next week). Affer visitin sum kittehs inside herz happened upon des two guys n one of [...read more]

Sep 042013
It is Time Again for HSBC Walk for the Animals

The Walk for the Animals iz a little earlier dis year and haz tooked us by surprise! It iz next weekend alreddy (Sept 14th). I can no believe it! We lub all u guys n really appreciates ur support on r lil fundraisin efforts to halp da animals at da Humane Society of Berks County each year. Even wif out me pesterin u guys on a regular basis u hab halped me reach ma goal [...read more]

Sep 032013
Feliway Is It Really Da Secret to Happy Cats?

Feliway sez dey r da secret to happy cats. At least dat iz der tag line. We are mostly happy cats round here (now dat I am used to da monsters livin in ma house), but Phoebe iz a bit of a loner n a bit of a scaredy cat too. So when the Blog Paws Blogger Network wuz lookin fur volunteers to try da Feliway Diffuser we stuck our paws straight up in da [...read more]