Mar 242017
Win a Boris Kitty Book at #SCIFIpawty from @KittehBoi & Others

Our pals on Twitter gotted together and made a beary special book about yours truly and I iz so flattered. They even raised moneys wot have been donated to this year’s SCIFIpawty as well! (Wuz da first $50 donated. Fanks you guys!) Now you can win a copy of your very own during #SCIFIpawty. (@sisfurcats […reads more]

Mar 162017
Cool Pet Walking Jacket Donated by @snuffynorton for #SCIFIpawty

Snuffy and his human make this really sweet walking jackets for pets and they are donating one as a prize for #SCIFIpawty! These are purrfect for medium cats or small dogs. And your prize will be made special just for you! Check out their site PetWalkingJackets for more information and thank you Snuffy!  

Jan 012016
Scratching Up The New Year

Different cats will scratch differently and this scratcher can accommodate just about any of them. While it is designed to be place vertically on a wall (includes adorable cat shaped self-adhesive hooks), it can also be laid flat or flipped over for a slightly inclined scratcher. Made of sturdy cardboard that will keep the busy scratch […reads more]

Sep 172015
38th Annual Walk for Da Animals Coming Up

Caturday da 19th iz da 38th Annual Walky for da Animals and Im sending Human2 out once again to halp raising moneys for anipals. Dis iz a huge event raising money for a huge non-profit in our area, but dis year we are going to asking you not to donates to HSBC but rather to […reads more]