Sep 172015
38th Annual Walk for Da Animals Coming Up

Caturday da 19th iz da 38th Annual Walky for da Animals and Im sending Human2 out once again to halp raising moneys for anipals. Dis iz a huge event raising money for a huge non-profit in our area, but dis year we are going to asking you not to donates to HSBC but rather to […reads more]

Aug 182015
Showing Off My Handsum Self with the Koi Selfie Scope

This is a purrty pawsum selfie stick, cause it is so much more than just a selfie stick! The Koi Selfie Scope 4-in-1 Bluetooth Handheld Selfie Stick not just a selfie stick that is compatible with any bluetooth enabled smart phone (android or iphone), it is also a LED flashlight (torch) and a 2200mAh Power […reads more]