Oct 222015
Houston We Have A Problem! Help Save This Kitty

WE ARE TOO LATE THIS SWEET KITTY HAS BEEN TURNED OVER TO A KILL SHELTER. My heart is breaking. There is still a chance we can save her! One By One is trying to pull her from the shelter. My furrend had a very pregnant lil black kitty show up on her doorstep about 11 weeks […reads more]

Mar 252015

Since the beginning of SCIFIpawty ThinkGeek.com has been der and we lub dem for it! Over the years they have given us so many PAWSUM items to use for our fund raising efforts and this year is no different. (except for the fact they we will be auctioning some items instead of using them as […reads more]

Mar 252015

We are beary pleased to announce dat our furrends over at THE COOP have once again sent us a big box of donations for dis years SCIFIpawty. Check out all the goodies you can get during da pawty via giveaways or thru one of our many charity auctions we habbing thru eBay. Please stop by […reads more]

Mar 252015

Quirk Books really doz publish sum of da quirkiest books out der and we hab read quite a few of dem (like da William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy). Many of der titles are geeky, scifi-y and kitteh-y so wot izn’t to lub about dem? O, and dey r local to me too (based in Philadelphia […reads more]

Apr 072014
#SCIFIpawty Autograph Room - Xena & Hercules

Autographed Kevin Smith 8×10 Photo Color Glossy (COA) Autographed Danielle Cormack 4×6 Photo Color Postcard Autographed Jeremy Callaghan 8×10 Photo Color Glossy Autographed Jacqueline Kim 8×10 Photo Color Glossy Autographed Alexandra Tydings 8×10 Photo Color Glossy (inscribed) Autographed Michael Hurst 8×10 Photo Color Glossy (COA) Autographed Kevin Sorbo 8×10 Photo Color Glossy (COA) Autographed Willa […reads more]

Apr 082013
2013 SCIFIpawty Prize Donor:  Fat Cat (Petmate)

Our furrends ovah a Petmate wot makes dem pawsum Fat Cat toys sent us sum loverly fings to donate az pwizes for SCIFIpawty. Seems like everybuddy lubs Fat Cat toys and our pawty goers were no exception either. Da winner of da kitteh costume pwizes donated da toys to da kittehs at One By One […reads more]

Apr 082013

Perpetual Kid did offer up sum pawsum and silly pwizes yet agin dis year. Dey have sum great stuff on der website. U shuld check dem out! Show ur lub and appreciation for dem by… Liking dem on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Perpetual-Kid/426932584035954 and following dem on twitter: http://twitter.com/perpetual_kid  

Apr 042013
2013 SCIFIpawty Prize Donor: Roommates Peel And Stick Decor

Sweet deal from RoomatesDecor.com: Get free shipping on all RoomMates wall decal orders $49 and up — no coupon code needed! Please visit & share our lub of dis SCIFIpawty prize sponsor. Like dem on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/roommatesdecor Follow dem on Twitter: http://twitter.com/roommatesdecor Would also be great iffen u could gib dem a big hai & […reads more]